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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Soft toys talking 28

Here's another Soft toys talking after 18 days!
Duckie: Oh yeah, oh yeah, I got a Facebook account! Oh yeah, oh yeah, I got a Facebook account! Oh yeah, oh yeah-
Harmony Bear: Please stop it I know our owner signed up a Facebook account for you now will you just stop sayin-
Duckie: Oh yeah, oh yeah, I got a Facebook account! Oh yeah, oh yeah, I got a Facebook account!
Harmony Bear: ||-_-
Duckie: Oh yeah, oh yeah, I got a Facebook account!*Continues saying this sentence for 100 times*
*Harmony Bear's phone rings with the soft toy book notification, somewhat similar to Facebook*
Harmony Bear: Oh! Someone messaged me on Soft toy book! *Runs to her phone and sees the Soft toy book message*
Elder sister penguin
Hello! What's up?

Harmony bear: (Thinking) Oh it's just Elder sister penguin... oh well...
Elder sister penguin
Hello! What's up?
Meh... nothing too special... except for
the fact that that silly Duckie keeps 
saying he got a Facebook account.
Oh. But I think he needs to keep in
mind the fact that our owner made
a Facebook account for him 
because he has the correct age.
*In Harmony Bear and Duckie's house...*
Duckie: Oh yeah, oh yeah, I got a Facebook account! Oh yeah, oh yeah, I got a Facebook account! Oh yeah, oh yeah, I got a Facebook account!
Harmony Bear: Duckie, please stop it.
Duckie: Alright. Anyway did you see the cliffhanger-
Doorbell: Ding-dong!
Harmony Bear: I'll open it.
Duckie: Fine with me.
Harmony Bear: *Runs to the door and opens it*
Baby Duckie: Hello! Quack quack!
Harmony Bear: Baby Duckie? What are you doing here without your parents?
Baby Duckie: Well... I asked permission from my parents to see if I can come here on my own and they allowed me so I came here. :P
Harmony Bear: Oh. Anyway, come in!
Baby Duckie: DUCKIE!!!!!! *Flies to Duckie to hug him*
Duckie: Oh yeah, oh yeah, I got a- WOAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! *Crashes into a wall because Baby Duckie tries to hug him but ends up pushing Duckie to the wall* BABY DUCKIE!!!!! PLEASE KNOW HOW TO BREAK!!!!!
Baby Duckie: Sorry...
Duckie: *Comes out of the broken wall* Ouch... So painful...
Harmony Bear: Oh my Duckie! Do you need bandage?
Duckie: I suppose so... but how are you gonna put it on my back?
Harmony Bear: Erm what about the Tiger Balm plaster?
Duckie: Okay!
Harmony Bear: I'll go and get it. Meanwhile, Baby Duckie, please take Duckie to that sofa. *Points to sofa*
Baby Duckie: Okay! *Takes Duckie to the sofa but since Duckie is bigger and heavier than him, he struggles to bring Duckie to the sofa while Harmony Bear takes the plaster* Ow! Ow! Duckie, you're too heavy!
Duckie: I suppose I am heavier than you. *Tries to straighten his back* OUCH OUCH!
Baby Duckie: Huh did I hurt you?
Duckie: No, I think I double-hurt my back. OUCH!
Duckie and Baby Duckie: WHAT?!
Harmony Bear: Did you bend your back?
Duckie: Erm... yes... *embarrassed*
Harmony Bear: ||-_- Anyway I'm going to buy a packet of Tiger Balm plasters. Baby Duckie, please make sure Duckie doesn't triple-hurt his back.
Baby Duckie: Okay!
*5 minutes later...*
Duckie: *Tries to straighten his back again*
Baby Duckie: back...
Duckie: Grrr I keep forgetting the fact that I hurt my back.
*Another 5 minutes later...*
Doorbell: Ding-dong!
Duckie: Oh well, Harmony Bear isn't here so I'll get the door. *Tries to straighten his back again* AI YAI!! OW!!!!!!
Baby Duckie: Duckie please stop forgetting that you hurt your back!
Duckie: If it weren't for you I wouldn't have hurt it right now.
Baby Duckie: Sorry... Anyway can I get the door?
Duckie: Sure.
Baby Duckie: Okay! *Flies to the door to open it*
Elder sister penguin: Hi! Harmony Bear messaged me about your little... erm... accident here so I bought the Tiger balm plaster for that here already!
Baby Duckie: Thanks! *Takes the packet from Elder sister penguin's hand, opens it and sticks the plaster on Duckie's back*
Duckie: Ahhh.... much better.
Baby Duckie: But still don't strain your back.
Elder sister penguin: Bye! *Leaves*
Baby Duckie: Thanks for the plaster!!!
Elder sister penguin: You're welcome!!! *Goes back to her house*
*10 minutes later*
Harmony Bear: Hey Duckie I'm back with the plaster!
Duckie: No worries, Elder sister penguin already got one for me.
Harmony Bear: Oh yeah I sent her a message about this.
Duckie: Oh.
Harmony Bear: Anyway I'll just keep it in our first aid box, just in case something like this happens again.
Duckie: Alright.
Baby Duckie: So what do I do now?
Harmony Bear: You can go home... I guess... eh heh heh heh...
Baby Duckie: Okay! Bye! *Flies out of the door left open*
Harmony Bear: Huh? How did Baby Duckie fly straight out?*Turns back to look* OH MY GOODNESS I FORGOTTEN TO CLOSE THE DOOR! *Runs to the door and closes it* Whoops!
*Duckie and Harmony Bear laughs and Duckie rests for 2 weeks before going back to work*
Here are the pictures of the soft toys mentioned in this post.

Elder sister penguin

Baby Duckie

(left to right)Duckie and Harmony Bear
Written by Lynn

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