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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lego Hero Factory MOC: Ron Stone

Here's my Lego Hero Factory MOC, Ron Stone which I 'built' in Lego Digital Designer(extended)! Here are 2 pictures of him.

front view

back view
Here's his profile.
Name: Ron Stone
Form: Brain attack
Weapon: Triple spear shooter
Colours: Brown, blue and black
Personality: Similar to the usual Toa of stone's personality, he is very down-to-earth, realistic and dependable. However, he can be stubborn and focused on the present, rather than thinking ahead.
Status: Alive, active
Team: Zeta team
Background: Ron Stone was a hero 'born with the upgrade' like the current leader of Zeta team who is Jonathan Arrowgun, but Stone is slightly younger than him, since he was made 1 month after Arrowgun was made. He also knew the former leader since he was made before the death of the former leader happened.
Unlike Arrowgun and Firesniper, Stone was greatly liked by the former team leader and he was frequently asked to go with him for team missions and they succeed almost every time. Ron Stone was fully trained before the death of the former leader, so he wasn't picked to be one when he was killed during a mission, but that mission was the former leader's solo mission, so Ron Stone doesn't know the cause of his death. At first, when Arrowgun became the leader, Ron Stone didn't really trust him because of his stubbornness and in fact, 'rejected' him in a way and used to have lots of arguments but later on, he accepted Arrowgun as a leader and had lesser arguments than they used to. Like Arrowgun, he was not sent to Quatros for the Witch Doctor problem and during that period of time, he was sent to do other missions. 
Prior to breakout, he was upgraded to suit the environment of Meltdown, the villain he was chasing. Within minutes, he caught Meltdown and cuffed him but had a little delay because he had forgotten where he had 'parked' his Heropod like Stringer did, but he later found it and drove back to the Hero Factory base after the fail safe shield was already down and Black Phantom was defeated like what happened with Stringer.
Like the rest of the Zeta team, Ron Stone participated in Brain attack and Arrowgun, being a Hero Recon Team agent, was able to find the weakness of the brain creatures earlier than Bulk and managed to get all of the brain creatures off the animal's heads and these brain creatures were placed into the prison.
Ron Stone did not participate in the Invasion from below mission because Arrowgun told him and the rest of the Zeta team members to stay at the Hero Factory building to take a break and train for other missions.
That's it for now and I hope you like this MOC!

Written by Lynn

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