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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lego Hero Factory/Recon Team MOC: Rick Stealth Shadow

Here's my Lego Hero Factory/Recon Team MOC, Rick Stealth shadow! Here are 6 pictures of him.

Custom form front view

Custom form left side view

Custom form right side view

Custom form back view
3.0 front view
3.0 back view

Here's his profile.
Name: Rick Stealth Shadow
Form: Custom
Weapon: Shadow flames blaster
Colours: Black, red and a bit of silver
Personality: Rick Stealth Shadow is a hero easy to please and straightforward. He is also a patient hero and a very intelligent one. He also has high emotional intelligence
Status: Alive, active
Team: Trainer for Zeta team, sometimes participates in the team missions
Background: Rick Stealth Shadow was one of the earliest heroes built in the Hero Factory.
He was none other than an ordinary hero back then, but he climbed up the ladder and became a top hero, and his role was changed to a hero team trainer. He was later assigned to train members of the Zeta team. He is also one of the earliest members of the Hero Recon Team.
Rick Stealth Shadow has seen many events that happened in Zeta team from the starting to the death of the 1st leader to the coming of the 2nd leader and all the way till Invasion from Below.  However, during that long period of time and during the 2.0 period, he had one hero he was particularly please about, and that is Jonathan Arrowgun, the current leader of Zeta team. Though Rick Stealth Shadow is easy to please, he is hard to please to the point where he shows someone his best moves, and Arrowgun was able to, so Arrowgun has been a real legend in Zeta team. There are also other events, like how the 1st team leader had neglected Arrowgun and Firesniper, so Stealth Shadow tried to help them, he helped Firesniper by telling Zib the problem and asked him to allow Firesniper to go solo and in the end, Zib had to because the negotiating with the 1st team leader did not work. It was unknown what did Stealth Shadow do to help Arrowgun be able to do some hero duty.
Later, he was upgraded to 3.0 with the animal power of a black wolf and sent to Quatros as a solo mission to deal with the Witch Doctor problem. Prior to breakout, like all of the heroes, he was upgraded to suit the environment of the villain he is chasing, Fire Lord and his minions, and he was single. However, he was still able to defeat them in the end and cuff them all. When he went back to Hero Factory with the 4 criminals, the Black Phantom event has already passed and he put the villains back behind bars.
When Brain attack came around, the full squad had to go again, so that also included Stealth Shadow himself. Stealth Shadow actually found out about the brain creatures' weak spots earlier than Jonathan Arrowgun, but he didn't inform the team about the weak spots, giving the glory to Arrowgun.
During Invasion from below, because Arrowgun wanted all of the team members not to go for it to train for other missions, Rick Stealth Shadow had to stay as well to train the members of the team.
That's it for now and I hoped you like this MOC!

Written by Lynn

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