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Monday, March 24, 2014

Soft toys talking exclusive(Easter special): Egg Collectors(Easter special part 1)

Here's a Soft toys talking exclusive made as an Easter special!
*At Easter*
Elder sister penguin: La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la-ahhh, la la la la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.(She's singing Care Hugs chorus)
*An egg hits her head*
Elder sister penguin: OW! Who threw that-*Another egg drops on her head* Oof! *Looks up* What the... IT'S RAINING EGGS! *Runs back to her house as fast as her legs can carry her*
*At her house...*
Door: *Gets smacked opened as Elder sister penguin runs into the house*
Elder sister penguin: *Starts panting*
Younger sister penguin: Huh? Why are you panting?
Elder sister penguin: You won't believe my eyes until you see out of our house's window! *Goes and shut the door*
Younger sister penguin: *Walks to the window* Oh my...*Sees raining eggs and an idea comes up* I know what to do! :D We can go and get a bucket to collect the eggs!
Elder sister penguin: Good idea! Let's get the buckets for egg collecting!
Younger sister penguin: Yay!
*After getting the buckets, the 2 penguins go outside and start to collect eggs*

1 hour later...
Elder sister penguin: My bucket is full of eggs already. Let's bring them back to our house.
Younger sister penguin: Mine too and okay! *She and Elder sister penguin take their bucket of eggs back to the house.*
Back in their house...
Elder sister penguin:*pours out all of the eggs she collected in her own bucket*
Younger sister penguin: *Does the same action as Elder sister penguin*
Elder sister penguin: *Looks at all of the eggs collected* Oh my! There are so many eggs and so many different colours on the eggs! Oh, and there are letters on each of the eggs too!
Younger sister penguin: Huh? Letters on the eggs?
Elder sister penguin: Whatever why don't we sort these out by letter and colour?
Younger sister penguin: Sure!
2 hours later...
Elder sister penguin: Whew! We're done! *Places her eggs in the cabinet* Let's go and relax for awhile. *Goes to her bedroom to play games on her computer*
Younger sister penguin: *Watches the television cartoons*
*Meanwhile, a mysterious figure comes with black cloth over his body and goes to where the eggs are placed. Then, he takes out all of them and silently spills them all on the floor. He takes out all of the egg's letters and places them like this:
After that, the mysterious figure puts the remaining eggs back and leaves and does the same thing to all of the houses that collected the eggs*
The next day...
Elder sister penguin: *Comes out sleepily from her bedroom* Urgh... I need breakfast... *Walks to the kitchen and sees the eggs on the floor* WAIT A MINUTE WHO TOOK OUT MY EGGS???!!!!*She was about the collect the eggs but then realized the eggs formed words* Ooh! What's this? 'Happy Easter Sunday! From Duckie'? So it was Duckie that took out my eggs! But when?
Younger sister penguin: *Wakes up, brushes teeth and walks down the staircase* Elder sister penguin, is breakfast made yet?
Elder sister penguin: No, but check this out!
Younger sister penguin: *Sees the message that is on the eggs* Ooh! Do you think there will be more egg rain today?
Elder sister penguin: I don't know... maybe it just happens once in a blue moon. Or maybe someone did this and it was not a natural rain.
*The news later reports a egg waterfall*
Younger sister penguin: EGG COLLECTING TIME! :D
Elder sister penguin: Okay, bring your bucket, it's time to collect eggs.
*The 2 penguins go to the 'egg waterfall' to collect eggs that accidentally drop off from the 'egg waterfall'*
*The mysterious figure that arranged the eggs(It's already made known it is Duckie from the from Duckie thing) is now making the egg waterfall work along side another smaller mysterious figure. The bigger mysterious figure smiles as it continuously puts eggs into the egg pusher cannon*
Here are the pictures of the soft toys mentioned in this post

Younger sister penguin and Elder sister penguin

Duckie(/he wasn't exactly directly mentioned but he was indirectly mentioned :P)
Written by Lynn

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