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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Soft toys talking exclusive(Easter special): Egg mystery revealed(Easter special part 2)

(Read part 1 of Easter special before seeing this or else you will be confused on what is going on)
Duckie: *Eats popcorn while watching the news on the television on the raining eggs. He giggles slightly*
Harmony Bear: Where were you when there was raining eggs? Why do you happen to be gone for that period of time?
Duckie: Oh, I was having a flying session with Baby Duckie and did the egg rain last for an hour?
Harmony Bear: Yes. And so was your flying session right?
Duckie: Yeah.
Harmony Bear: But it still doesn't clears why you happen to come back right after the egg rain stops.
Duckie: Okay I'll tell you the truth: I did that so that I could send my Easter greetings to all of the soft toys in soft toy land. I even woke up in the middle of the night just to arrange the eggs into my Easter greetings so...*yawns* I'm a little sleepy.
Harmony Bear: Oh. Should I tell the news reporters about it?
Duckie: No... don't tell them! They might think I was littering when I was just merely trying to send my greetings to everyone in soft toy land!
Harmony Bear: Oh, okay.
Duckie: I'll go take a nap. *Flies up to the second floor and goes to their bedroom to sleep*
Harmony Bear: *Watches some television drama*
Duckie: *When Harmony Bear thinks he is sleeping and when the flying session timing comes, he wears the black cloak that he previously wore to arrange to eggs and flies to a dried waterfall and also calls Baby Duckie to help. Then, they both use the egg pushing cannon to create a egg waterfall(or 'eggfall').*
*News reports on the egg waterfall*
Harmony Bear: More egg news! Hmm... I wonder who did it this time...
*The events of the penguins collecting the eggs happens at this time and the news is still happening while zooming in at Elder sister penguin and Younger sister penguin collecting eggs*
Harmony Bear: Wait a minute, what are they doing there? :S
Duckie and Baby Duckie: *After the hour of flying session, they go back to their houses*
Duckie: *Opens the door* I'm home, darling!*Closes the door*
Harmony Bear: Hello Duckie! Did you make that 'eggfall' happen?
Duckie: Yes.
Harmony Bear: I thought you were sleepy? :S
Duckie: Yep. I decided to delay my sleep to now and now I really want to *yawns* go to sleep.
Harmony Bear: Oh. Good 'night'!
Duckie: *Goes to the bedroom to sleep*
Harmony Bear: *Looks at the clock* Oh my, it's 6.30 PM already! Time for me to make dinner! *Goes to the kitchen to make dinner*
Here are the pictures of the soft toys mentioned in this post.

Baby Duckie
(Left to right) Duckie, Harmony Bear
Written by Lynn

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