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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lego Hero Factory Story - Rock Fall


A hero, named Lucas Stormer, elder brother of Preston Stormer, was sent to the Rockaya to catch Rockmus, an earth villain that was harming the citizens of his planet. However, he was severely injured by rocks falling from Rockmus' HQ. Backup team responded to the situation and brought Lucas Stormer back to Hero Factory before they caught Rockmus.

Chapter 1: Distress call

Backup team had not gone for missions ever since their latest mission, to catch Vocanus. The heroes of backup team were having fun playing robo ball when suddenly a distress call came through the info-comm,  "Distress call! Distress call! Any hero team, please respond to the situation. One of our top three heroes was injured by rocks falling in Rockaya! Repeat, one of our top three heroes was injured by rocks falling in Rockaya! Someone has to bring him back, or he will not survive! Thank you!"

"Oh great, how disturbing," Shaun Burst  complained. 

"Do you guys think that the hero we are going to rescue is actually Stormer's elder brother?" Tim Blast asked. 

Zane Fire replied, "We may never know till we get to our mission manager!" 

Tim Blast said,"Alright, you have a point there, let's go!" 

All the heroes in Backup team ran towards the mission room. 

Zib said, "Ok, glad you came. 

A hero named Lucas Stormer was sent to Rockaya to catch Rockmus but was severely injured due to rocks falling at Rockmus' HQ! We will prepare the hero pod for you and bring him back to Hero Factory first before cuffing that dangerous earth villain!" 

Backup team replied,"Understood, sir." 

Zib and the other HF workers went to prepare the hero pod before blasting them off to Rockaya.

Chapter 2: Lift off

Zib had already prepared the hero pod, now ready to take off.

"Ok, now, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Blast off!!!" Hero Factory workers counting down. The hero pod lifted off the ground and headed straight towards Rockaya.

All the flying with the hero pod was normal, until it arrived at Rockaya, and crash landed. The heroes only suffered some minor injuries, and went ahead to search for Lucas Stormer.

Chapter 3: Trying to find the wanted villain's base

The backup team went together to find Rockmus' base, but since that planet is so big, they spent hours finding it.

"Shall we split up?" Shaun Burst  suggested.

"I don't know, Burst. He's a dangerous villain," Zane fire replied.

"Ahem, I'm not asking you, Fire. I'm asking Blast," Shaun Burst said in a very angry voice.

"Okay, let's split up heroes!" Tim Blast shouted. 

All the heroes walked in different directions, trying to find the villain's HQ. Meanwhile, Lucas Stormer was still bleeding from the injury, and was left outside Rockmus' base. He sat there for hours, still waiting for help and having his 'skin' (Literally his armour to stop the leaking of quaza from his body) stop bleeding. Then, Tim Blast found him, sitting outside Rockmus' base. By the time he arrived, Lucas Stormer had already stopped bleeding.

Tim blast asked, "How are you, good friend?" 

Lucas Stormer replied before he fell unconscious, "Nah, not as good. I lost a lot of quaza. Please bring me back to HF to recharge." 

Then Lucas Stormer lost consciousness. Tim Blast immediately informed his fellow heroes where Rockmus' base was and then brought him back to Hero Factory. After that, he flew back to Rockaya.

Chapter 4: The attacks of the villain

"Hey, Burst. I'd found Rockmus' base. It's at northwest. Tell your other teammates immediately after I put down this transmission, okay?" Tim Blast sent a transmission to Shaun Burst.

"Roger, leader, " Shaun Burst  replied. Tim Blast then put down the transmission. After that, Rockmus heard that there was a hero outside his base, so, he went outside and beat up Tim Blast.

"Will you stay outside forever and get beaten up by me?" Rockmus asked.

"If I do not stay here, I would have been called a coward," Tim Blast replied.

"Very well then." Rockmus said. However, before Rockmus could throw another punch onto Tim Blast's chest, the other three members of Backup team came.

"Stop whatever you are doing, Rockmus!" Shaun Burst warned Rockmus while aiming his gun.

"This is so funny, do you think you could stop me by just saying that?!"  Rockmus replied, trying to hold his laughter.

 "Leave Blast alone, Rockmus! You shall fight me instead!" Shaun Burst demanded.

 "No Burst... Please..." Tim Blast croaked. Shaun Burst totally ignored his words and fought Rockmus alone, even without the help of Zane Fire and Jake Bulk. They went to a building's rooftop and fought.

Chapter 5: The worst battle of all

This battle was the worst battle of all for Shaun Burst. He had no help from his teammates because Rockmus did not allow him to bring along his teammates to fight. Plus, Rockmus was one of the strongest villains on the loose while Shaun Burst was just a normal veteran. He had no ranks in the top ten or hundred. However, this was the first time Shaun Burst used his super power, called electrical burst. (Which is why Shaun's last name was Burst.) Shaun Burst was badly punched up by Rockmus, but, Shaun Burst was so mad that he rose above the ground and had sparks of electricity shooting in all directions. In the north, the electricity shocked Rockmus. (Shaun Burst was practically untouchable at that time. Anyone who touches his body parts including his head would be shocked.) Rockmus then became unconscious. Shaun Burst cuffed him and went to the ground floor carrying Rockmus. Tim Blast then saw Shaun Burst full of bruises. 

"Are you okay, Burst?" Tim Blast asked worriedly.

"I'm okay, Blast. However, I may need to put some bandage on some deep cuts," Shaun Burst replied.

"Good then. Let's fly back to HF!" Tim blast yelled. They boarded their hero pods and flew back to the Hero Factory.

Chapter 6:Villain caught 'n' cuffed

"Zib, we caught Rockmus." Tim Blast said proudly.

"Good Backup team. Bring him to Inferum." Zib commanded.

Then, the Backup team took Rockmus to Inferum and Backup team continued to play Robo ball.

Backup team:
Shaun Burst (Main Character)
Jake Bulk(Did not talk)
Rockmus (Main Character)
Zib (A mission manager in Hero Factory)

Written by Lynn

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