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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lego Hero Factory Story: Trails Of Fire

Chapter 1: Investigation

"BOOM!" A big fireball rushes towards Makuhero City. Hero Factory realized that and sent several teams to the scene immediately. In the scene, some buildings were burnt down and luckily, no one is inside those buildings. As they started investigating, they realized a fire villain was lying a metre away from the scene which proved that the fireball came from the fire planet. However, many hero teams went there but were either imprisoned, killed or seriously injured. As the backup team was HF's [Hero Factory] only hope, they sent them there and hope that they would catch the fire villain, called Vocanus, the king of the fire villains.

Chapter 2: Travelling towards the fire planet

Shaun Burst, Tim blast, Jake Bulk and Zane Fire were called to the assembly tower of HF to get themselves fireproof armour and ice weapons. Then, they went into their hero pod. Like all the other hero teams that went there, they crash landed onto the planet because of a fireball. Fortunately, no one was injured. 

Shaun Burst complained,"It's so hard for me to adapt to these weapons! I mean, I'm having the element of lightning but I'm using ice weapons!" 

Tim blast replied,"Once you get back to Hero Factory with Vocanus cuffed, you'll get back your weapons." 

They continued walking till they reached the villains' HQ, which was in the central of the planet. 

"We found it!" Zane Fire shouted. 
"Shhh...We don't want them to know that we are here, Fire." Jake Bulk whispered. Then, HF forgot that they had already sent the HF elemental force there, so they met each other.

"What are you doing here, Blast?" Ray Burner asked. 
Tim Blast replied,"Hero Factory sent us here. Have they forgotten that they sent you guys here?" 
"Probably," Ryan Shocker replied quickly. 
"Hey, are you missing a member or something?" Shaun Burst asked. Ray Burner replied,"You know that icy dude, Thomas Freeze? He can just hide at anyplace forever, without anybody finding him!"

Shaun Burst said,"Oh, I see. So did you tell him to do something?"  

"Yes, I told him to hide around the villains' HQ to see what they are doing. I told him that he should come back when the time to strike has came." 

"Then let's get them now!" Zane Fire shouted. 

"Fire stop it! You'll blow our cover!" Ray Burner said. 

Zane Fire whined,"How long must we wait to be able to strike?"

Everybody ignored him. Thomas Freeze then came out of his hiding place and went to tell the heroes that it is time to strike. Zane Fire said,"Yay! It's time to kick some villains' butt!"

Ray Burner told him off angrily,"How many times must I say this, Fire? Don't. blow. our. cover!" 

Zane Fire replied,"Sorry." They started to attack and the battle was fierce.

Chapter 3: The fierce battle

All the heroes and villains were in war, explosives shooting everywhere, swords clashing each other, ceiling falling into pieces because of missed gunshots by heroes and villains, just a big chaos was happening there. All the heroes were seriously injured as the ceiling crashed down as it could not stand anymore damage. Ryan Shocker managed to stand up and he immediately chased Vocanus and pounced onto him. However, he was shot by Vocanus and flew one metre away from Vocanus. Vocanus then fled and ran as fast as he could to escape from the heroes. 

Thomas Freeze got up and hid himself, preparing to launch a surprise attack when Vocanus passed by. Freeze pounced on him and Vocanus was caught and cuffed. However, he can still shoot the heroes, which they don't understand. 

Johnny Rock got up along with Ray Burner and saw that their friends were dying soon. 

"Catching the villains is more important than saving our friends, leader!" Johnny Rock shouted. 

Ray Burner replied,"Saving lives is more important! We can't possibly leave them alone! Lives comes first!" 

"No, justice comes first!" Johnny argued. 

"I'll just save them, for whatever choice you choose. They can't come back to life and if they had another copy of themselves, they would have a different personalty!" Ray said angrily. 

Ray lifted up the ceiling and used his healing blade to heal his fellow friends. Tim Blast thanked Ray profusely. Then Ray said,"It's my pleasure. You are my friends anyway."

Ray Burner realized that all his team members were gone, and while searching for them, he met Ryan Shocker, who lied unconscious on the ground. Ray used his healing blade to heal him as he was badly injured. 

Ray asked,"What happened to you, my best friend?" 

Ryan replied,"I was chasing after Vocanus because he was fleeing. Then, when I was trying to cuff him, he shot me and I flew all the way to here, then I lose my consciousness." 

Ray said,"Oh, I see. So where do you think the other guys have gone?" 

Ryan replied as he stood up,"I don't know but they may be chasing Vocanus." 

"Let's find 'em!" shouted Zane Fire.

Chapter 4: Finding the missing heroes

 Ray Burner, Ryan Shocker, Zane Fire, Shaun Burst, Tim Blast and Jake Bulk walked forward to find their friends. At the place where Thomas Freeze cuffed Vocanus, was a pile of quaza from Freeze. He had been shot by Vocanus' huge flamethrower in the core. They followed the trail of quaza and they had went to Vocanus' backup HQ. Ray Burner thought, I didn't know that he had a backup HQ!

They went inside, and all the heroes were captured in a net except for Ray Burner. 

"What do you want, Vocanus?" Burner asked. 

"I'm glad that you asked that. If you give me all your armour and weapons blueprint, I'll let all your friends go. However, if you choose not to do so, then too bad. Your friends will have to die." Vocanus replied. 

Ray Burner said," I'm never going to give you all the blueprints of the armour and weapons! I'll fight you, as saving my friends' lives!"

"Very well, meet me at Makuhero city's tallest building's rooftop. We'll settle it all there. By the way, I'll take all these kidnapped heroes there too. Come there in one hour. My henchman will put them one level below the rooftop." said Vocanus. 

Vocanus then took all the heroes to his vehicle and drove to Makuhero city while Ray Burner rode his hero pod to the building that Vocanus wanted him to go.

Chapter 5: The battle of lives

Vocanus drove towards Makuhero city's tallest building as he had said, and left trails of fire behind. Then Burner followed the trails of fire from above with the hero pod until he reached the building. Vocanus threw all the heroes that he captured in the level before the roof like what he said. Then the heroes were guarded by his henchmen. Then he went to the rooftop to have the battle with Burner. 

"You kept your promise well," said Burner. 

"I love destruction, but I hate lies. I have not ever told any lies in my whole life," said Vocanus. "This shall be a battle, called The Battle Of Lives!" 

They started fighting. It was as fierce as what happened at the Fire planet, which was nothing surprising because this fight was so important to Ray Burner as he didn't want his friends to die. Meanwhile, at the level where the heroes were placed, [At the 50th level] the heroes were tied on the legs and arms. All the heroes were laid on a dying position to prevent them from escaping and that time, they were unconscious. Freeze then woke up, and saw him and his friends in the building. 

"Where am I?" Freeze asked. 

"You are the fiftieth level of a building in Makuhero city. If that white hero wins, we'll release you. If he loses, too bad,  you'll be killed." replied one of Vocanus' henchmen. 

All the heroes woke up, and since the villains were not looking at them, Freeze cut off the strings with his sword and cut the string on the rest. While walking towards the staircase, they were spotted. Vocanus's henchmen started to blast at them and all the heroes dodge while trying to walk towards them to hit them and let them be unconscious for awhile. They did it, and knocked the villains unconscious. 

"That won't last long if we walk down the stairs as originally planned, we shall jumped down from that broken window," said Freeze. 

All of the heroes jumped down from the broken window and fell down onto the hard floor. 

"Ouch," groaned Freeze. 

All the other heroes went unconscious after falling from a high height. After Vocanus was defeated and cuffed, he was brought down to the ground floor. 

"Huh?What happened to you guys?" asked Burner. 

Freeze replied,"We jumped down from that building. I wouldn't think he will let us off even if he lost and get cuffed." 

Burner used his healing blade and healed all the heroes. They then brought Vocanus back to hero factory.

Chapter 6: A successful mission

 "Yay!! The dangerous Vocanus is caught! Hooray!! Hooray!!" Crowds of heroes shouted. 

Zib said,"Congratulations, elemental force and backup team. It's so amazing to see you guys back one piece! One piece! I shall present 3 new hero to the elemental force, Rick Concrete, Luke Splash and Ron Flare!" 

Everyone started to clap as Rick Concrete, Luke Splash and Ron Flare came onto the stage. 

"And now,I shall present Rick Concrete weapon's, the Liquid metal shooter! It can help in both fixing holes in Hero Factory itself and just about any place and making joints of villains stiff!" 

All the heroes clapped as Rick Concrete receives his weapon from Professor Zib. In the meantime, Shaun Burst put Vocanus into Infernum, which no villain, not even a single one, escaped. 

"Okay backup team and elemental force, you'll be called in the future if we need you to deal with more villains. For now, you guys can rest," said Zib. 

And so, all of backup team's and elemental force's heroes went and to eat, since they had not ate for the whole mission. Ron Flare made a weapon for Luke Splash and himself since they didn't like any of the weapons HF has to offer.

Backup team:
Shaun Burst (my Self Moc)
Elemental force:
Ray Burner (Main Character)
Thomas Freeze(Coming soon)
Ron Flare(Coming soon)
Vocanus (Main Character)
3 random Henchmen villains

Written by Lynn

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