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Friday, November 23, 2012

Legoland Malaysia - Part 1

About one to two years ago, Lynn suddenly had the idea of visiting Legoland. However, at that time, Legoland parks were only in Europe and the US.  A visit to the Legoland in Denmark for a family of four could cost at least $10,000 including airfare and accommodation.  Then I found out from the internet that  a Legoland theme park was being built in Malaysia and would be completed in 2012. Since then, we waited in anticipation for Legoland Malaysia to be completed.

Finally, Legoland Malaysia opened its doors on 15 Sep 2012.  We managed to get some Legoland Malaysia discount vouchers, so we visited Legoland Malaysia on 21 Nov 2012.

Legoland Malaysia is located in Johor, near to Tuas Second Link. We drove from Singapore to Legoland Malaysia on the morning of 21 Nov. That is the most convenient way for us as we do not need to book in advance and can go anytime when the weather is good. 

Legoland Malaysia was built next to a large development called the Mall of Medini. Before entering Legoland proper, we walked through the Mall and we were glad to find that some restaurants were already operating. We had our lunch at the Old Town White Coffee and then proceeded to Legoland, Malaysia.

Upon entry, Sera was eager to pose with her Lego Friends figures.

Lynn was keen on taking the Legoland Express, so we proceeded to the "Train Station" located in Lego City.

To be continued...

Written by Anne

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