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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2500+ Views Special!-MOC on with LEGO!- Lego MOC Making for Beginners - Part 2

Second MOC technique: Colour combination

Colour combination is very important because if the colours are matched correctly, it will be nice but if matched wrongly, it would be ugly, even if the details are good. An example is this.

Lego police car MOC
As you can see, this police car's colours are matched correctly, so it looks good. By the way, this also appears in Lego city MOC: Garage (On base plate). The car also uses sideways building and hinges which you'll learn later on. Oh, one colour combination advice: Yellow and lime green look bad together. :| Here's the instructions:

Third MOC technique: Sideways building

This building technique is somehow (for me) always used in my Lego city vehicle MOCs to put the lights. You can scroll around to look at all my Lego city vehicle MOCs and you'll quickly see that all of them have the headlights sideways built. Here's a shortcut to all my Lego vehicle MOCs. Here's the pieces used for sideways building. Not all, though.

Fourth MOC building technique: SNOT

SNOT is one of the more advanced techniques and it's proven useful for making MOCs smooth. Also, it's just basically where you don't have the studs on top. One of the examples is this. 

Delivery van delivering fragile stuff
This has a SNOT roof and here's the tutorial.

Fifth MOC building technique: Bricks in between bricks

This is very uncommonly used but it is only used sometimes, though. Here's an example:

Don't you find this familiar? Never mind, I'll tell you what it is. It's the chair of World Lego News station! This is just not so commonly used that I would want to change this to the last building technique, Lol. :p Anyway, this can be helpful for making trees and those kind of chairs.

To be continued...

Written by Lynn
Videos by Lynn

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