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Thursday, January 24, 2013

2500+ Views Special!-MOC on with LEGO!- Lego MOC Making for Beginners - Part 3

Sixth MOC building technique: Sliding doors

Most shopping centres, some shops, aeroplanes and vans use sliding doors. If you happen to build any of these in Lego, you'll definitely make a sliding door. I have made some MOCs with sliding doors and here are the pictures of the MOCs which I have shown with sliding doors.

Sliding door of the Dino company restaurant(Lego City 1)
Sliding door beside beach (Lego Garage MOC)

This vehicle also appears in Lego Garage MOC.  Not the most important, though. By the way, if you are the fortunate ones to have a piece which has a 1x8 plate with a smooth place in the front, congratulations. If you are those unfortunate ones like me, you'll have to make your own base for it. Here's a tutorial I recommend. This video is made by JayStepher, not me. Click here to watch it.

Seventh MOC building technique: Support and balance (For bridges and mechs)

This MOC building technique is mostly directed to people who wants to build mechs and bridges MOCs, but anybody can read this.
Support and balance can help your bridges or mech MOCs to be able to stand up by themselves without holding them up. Here's an example.

As you can see, I built 3 pillars to hold up the bridge and prevent it from falling down (without anybody touching it).

Eighth MOC building technique: Furniture

Furniture is mostly used in houses and buildings, but if you are building a caravan, there will be a bit of furniture in it. Sometimes, you would see benches in real life when walking around. Here's an example of a bench outside.

This uses hinges again which you'll learn later. The bench has an armrest too. Furniture is easy, but only if you learn most of the techniques.

Ninth MOC building technique: Hinges and hoses

Hinges get very useful when you make a furniture, make a Lego ladder move up and down, making your own chair for a car or making a convertible car, custom windows, custom doors etc. Hoses are mostly for fire engines. Demonstration of hinges is at part 2.

To be continued...

Written by Lynn
Video by Lynn

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