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Friday, January 25, 2013

2500+ Views Special!-MOC on with LEGO!-Lego MOC Making for Beginners - Part 4

Tenth MOC building technique: Custom chassis (vehicles)

If you are one of the people who likes making vehicles but always think that every vehicle MOC you made isn't good enough, then this is for you.

Custom chassis basically just help to bring reality to the MOC and make the Lego mud guard pieces look better and look like a real car. Here's a chassis of one of my Lego vehicle MOCs.

Here's the instructions for this chassis.

Eleventh building technique: Curving and making your MOCs smooth

Curving and making your MOCs smooth is just for the sake of making it look sharper and cooler, really. Anyway, here's one of my MOCs that uses this technique.

Doesn't this look cool and sharp-looking? Try applying this technique, you'll soon find yourself with tons of cool cars by smoothing your MOCs!

Discover more!

The techniques that I teach here aren't all that Lego uses and has. I just only tell you the ones that I know. In fact, a good way is to buy Lego sets and figure out more building techniques, look at books on Lego techniques or look up for videos on building techniques! Soon, you'll find yourself as a perfect MOC maker! What are you waiting for? Start buying a few complicated LEGO sets now!

The end.

Written by Lynn

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