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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Soft toys talking 14

Here's soft toys talking 14!
Harmony Bear: Do any of you guys still remember the magic show we visited last week?
Elder sister penguin: Sure! It's awesome!
Duckie: Yeah! Sometimes I wonder how does it work.
Smarty: Agreed!
Harmony Bear: What about I make a demonstration now?
Duckie, Smarty and Elder sister penguin: Sure!
Harmony Bear: Okay, but first, I need a volunteer.
Elder sister penguin: I want! I want!
Harmony Bear: Come here please!  *Elder sister penguin steps forward.* Now, I'm going to make Elder sister penguin turn into a bread!
*Duckie and Smarty look at each other in confusion.*
Harmony Bear: Adakazoomi! *Elder sister penguin turns into a bread.*
Smarty and Duckie: WHAT THE BRICK?!
Elder sister penguin: MMMMMMMM!!!!!! (TURN ME BACK!)*Starts hopping around like crazy while she's still a bread.*
Harmony Bear: Should I turn her back?
Duckie and Smarty: Yeah.
Harmony Bear: I suppose so. Adakadabra, turn Elder sister penguin back into, I mean, turn bread back into Elder sister penguin!(In the video that I'm going to show, I said 'Penguin Jie Jie' which just literally means 'Elder sister penguin'.)
Elder sister penguin: *Flings back after being turned into a penguin* AHHHHHHH!!!!!! *Hits Smarty.* Ouch!
Smarty: AHHHH!!! MY FACE!!!!!
Harmony Bear: Oopsy! Funny right?
Duckie: Lol!(Laugh Out Loud)
Here's a video of showing Harmony Bear turn Elder sister penguin into a bread and back.

Harmony Bear: Do you know how I did that?
Duckie and Smarty: No.
Harmony Bear: Well, this is what I did. First, you just see the scene. Then, when the 'magic' happens, it's not really magic. I just blind you with smoke and make my floor be deeper than the rest to make her really look like she disappeared. Then, I will hold up the bread, drop it, like she really did turn into a bread. Elder sister penguin was the one who made the bread move around like crazy. Then, when I 'turn her back', she jumps out and the floor also returns to its normal deepness. You just didn't realize that I actually have this floor that can go deeper or higher to perform some stuff. Actually, I also used to attend magic lessons, but my family suffered debt terribly as it was recession when I was 10 years old, making me have to drop out of school and tuition. So you can say I only learned magic up to level 4 since I started learning it when I was 6 years old.
Duckie: Wow, you never told me about that before! But how did you manage to survive and buy a private property?
Harmony Bear: As I saw my family having to starve a lot, I knew I had to do something. So at that time, I opened up a magic show temporarily to support my family.  When I was 15, I realized I could get a working license, so I got one and worked in the bakery. When I was 17, my cooking skills were great and I opened the restaurant you knew, Super Tasty Food(STF). It started out as a normal restaurant, but I realized what makes restaurant lose customers is the same taste, so I decided to always change the taste every time there's a same customer. Soon, I've gotten very rich and opened a mini-bakery. I gotten extra money from that and I started seeing people who have cooking classes. So, I did that, and everybody who wishes to learn how to cook like me can receive personal training from me.
Duckie: Oh... By the way, I have army camp training next month.
Harmony Bear, Smarty and Elder sister penguin: Okay. Uh, Let's end this post, it's too long-winded.
*All the soft toys bid farewell to each other and go back to their houses.*
Here are the pictures of the soft toys mentioned in this post.




Harmony Bear

Elder sister penguin
Written by Lynn

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