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Monday, May 20, 2013

Soft toys talking 16(毛绒玩具聊天十六)

(Disclaimer: Soft toys talking 16 is related to Soft toys talking 15. If you never see soft toys talking 15, you will be clueless of what's going on.)
Duckie: I know! Just put on a combination lock!
Elder sister penguin: Oh, bother. They'll probably open that sooner or later after a few tries. Next?
Smarty: I know how to do it! First, I will buy a key with the padlock. Then, I will hand-deliver the keys to my friend to avoid being tracked. After that, I put the padlock on the package and send it!
Elder sister penguin: Do you know that your answer is so similar to my younger sister? Plus, you cannot hand deliver. Wrong.
Smarty: Aw man!
Elder sister penguin: Give up?
Everybody except Elder sister penguin: Yes!
Elder sister penguin: Here's the answer.  First, you get your friend to buy a key and padlock that is not made of a valuable material, but a normal one like steel or iron. Then, get him to send the padlock to you. By the way, the CRD would probably not be interested about the steel padlock. I mean, they can't do anything with that, right?They can't even get other people to open it with the padlock on their stuff and it's not even valuable in one way!  After that, you put the padlock on the package, send it, and it will be safely transported to your friend since they don't have the key!
Everybody except Elder sister penguin: What?! We didn't know it would have been that easy!
Elder sister penguin: That's why it's called a brain teaser! Brain teasers are phrased in a hard-to-understand way when it's actually pretty simple! Well, provided if you think out of the box. 
Duckie: Yeah.
Elder sister penguin: *Looks at the clock in Harmony Bear's house.* Gosh, it's 8 PM already, we had better head home.
*All the soft toys bid farewell to each other and go back to their houses to sleep.*
BTW, I'll make all of the existing soft toys talking will have both Chinese and English versions! Are you looking forward to that? If so, look at the Chinese translation down for today's soft toys talking!By the way, future soft toys talking post will have English and Chinese in the same post.
企鹅姐姐:放来做什么? 他们迟早都会开了。
聪明海马:我知道怎么做! 我先买一个锁匙锁, 然后,我会自己拿去给我的朋友来避免被跟踪。最后,我会把锁放在盒子上来送给他!
聪明海马:  啊!真是的!
企鹅姐姐:这个是正确的答案。你先叫你的朋友买一个不是用 金财宝做的匙和锁。然后,你叫你的朋友把锁送给你。而且,CRD不会对锁有兴趣吧。我的意思是,他们都不可以用那个做东西,对吗?他们都不可以让别人开因为有锁在他们的东西还有那个东西都不值钱!最后,你把锁放在盒子,送给他,然后就会安全地送到你朋友的那里因为他们没有锁匙!
企鹅姐姐:*看和谐熊的屋子的时钟* 已经八点了,我们快点回家吧。
Here are the pictures of the soft toys mentioned in this post.



Younger and Elder sister penguin(企鹅妹妹和姐姐)

Harmony Bear(和谐熊)

Written by Lynn

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