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Monday, May 27, 2013

Soft Toys Talking 18

(Disclaimer: Please read Soft Toys talking 17 first before you read this because this is related to Soft Toys Talking 17.)
Elder sister penguin: Oh! I just remembered that I have forgotten to cook dinner last night! Was it because they starved?
Secret Bear: No, no. Much worse. It's heatstroke! Last night, if you ask me, the heat was pretty high still. It was announced on the news that last night, the temprature was 39 Degrees Celcius! Plus, have you stocked up the drinks?
Elder sister penguin: Oh no! I think I accidentally turned off the air-conditioner because of forgetting that they were still inside and they probably didn't want to open my refrigerator to take the drinks without my permission!*Face palms 3 times*
Secret Bear: But you know, your friends will need to take at least one month to recover.
Elder sister penguin: One month?! Who will temporarily take Harmony Bear's chef position?! What will happen to her cooking lessons? Duckie's client is also meeting him next Monday! They can't afford to stay here long!
Secret Bear: Relax, girl. That's just the average time someone will recover from that illness. Some may take longer than that, some may take earlier than that.
Elder sister penguin: Still, they can't be staying here too long!
Secret Bear: We'll try our best to feed them with the cure for heatstroke for them to recover as soon as possible.
Elder sister penguin: Thank you,thank you,thank you!
Secret Bear: It's my duty,and Harmony Bear is my friend no need to thank me.
Elder sister penguin: I'll take my leave. *Walks back home.*
At Elder and Younger sister penguin's house...
Elder sister penguin:(Thinking) Oh bricks! How could I leave my house without leaving any permissions of doing stuff like opening the fridge and turning the air-conditioner on? It's my fault for causing them to get heatstroke!
Younger sister penguin: What are you thinking, Elder sister?
Elder sister penguin: Oh n-n-nothing. By the way, after taking medicine, do you feel much better now?
Younger sister penguin: Yes!
Elder sister penguin: Well, I had better take your temperature first! *Takes a thermometer out of her home first aid kit and measures her temperature.* 37.9 Degrees Celcius? Looks like you still need a little more rest and medicine to fully recover. Speaking of that, I should take the fever medicine for you to eat now!*Walks to the kitchen and take out the fever medicine from the fridge. After that, she walks to the dining table to wait for Younger sister penguin.*
Younger sister penguin: *Walks to the dining table to take the medicine.*
Elder sister penguin: Get some sleep.
Younger sister penguin: Okay! *Walks to her bedroom and sleeps.*
Elder sister penguin: Urgh, I have nothing to do. *Takes out her Iphone and starts playing Nimble Quest.(You can go to the app store to get this app.)*
Here are the pictures of the soft toys mentioned in this post.

Younger and Elder sister penguin

Secret Bear
Written by Lynn


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