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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Interview with Hero Factory MOCs: Jay Acshooter

Here's another Interview with Hero Factory MOCs! This time, it's Jay Acshooter!
Elder sister penguin: Hi Acshooter! How's life?
Jay Acshooter: A tough life really. Everyday, Hero Factory produces so many heroes that I have a hard time to train all of them.
Elder sister penguin: What was the name of one of the heroes you trained?
Jay Acshooter: Nicolas Wolf.
Elder sister penguin: How many missions have you...
Smarty: What's up in the interview?
Elder sister penguin: CUT!!!!!!
Snake: *Stops the camera*(For your info, their camera is still getting fixed and they are using the top right hand camera)
Smarty:  Alright... *Walks away with tears coming out from his eyes*
Elder sister penguin: And action! *Snake starts the camera* Okay, let me continue my question. How many missions have you taken in terms of saving citizens and catching villains?
Jay Acshooter: I got way too many missions that I lost count! *Face palms*
Elder sister penguin: Okay? By the way, how's Nicolas Wolf?
Nicolas Wolf: Did anybody call me?
Elder sister penguin: CUT!!!!!!!! *Snake stops the camera* I'm putting you for the next interview!
Nicolas Wolf: Yikes! *Runs away*
Elder sister penguin: And action!*Snake starts the camera*
Jay Acshooter: He's great. He was built in the 3.0 era, by the way.
Elder sister penguin: What do you usually do in your free time?
Jay Acshooter: Race with Firelaser,meditate, and practice my shooting and flying skills.
Elder sister penguin:  Cut!
Snake: *Remembers something funny and starts giggling*
Elder sister penguin: I said cut!
Snake: *Still giggling*
Elder sister penguin: I SAID CUT!
Snake: Okay okay! I'll sssssstop the camera! *Stops the camera*
Here are the pictures of the soft toys and Hero Factory MOCs mentioned in this post.

Nicolas Wolf
Jay Acshooter

Elder sister penguin

Written by Lynn

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