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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lego Hero Factory MOC: Nicolas Wolf

Here's my Hero Factory MOC, Nicolas Wolf! Here are 3 pictures of him.

3.0 form
Breakout form
Custom form
Here's his profile.
Name: Nicolas Wolf
Form: Custom
Weapons: (3.0) Wolf claws and scorpion tail gun (Breakout) Sword and plasma gun (Custom) Sword, wolf claws and scorpion tail
Colours: Lime green, bright green, silver and black
Personality: Nicolas Wolf was probably the only hero who had loved his 3.0 form, but he had to abandon it in breakout. However, when he got the chance to take it back in custom form, he immediately did it. He was also known for his impatience and urge for another villain catching mission. Usually, he does not go for a saving a citizen mission.
Affiliation: Hero Factory
 Team: -
Location: Makuhero City
Status: Alive, active
Background: Nicolas Wolf was built in the assembly tower during the 3.0 era, and was one of the few heroes who had a 3.0 form with multiple animal forms.
Because of his love of the 3.0 form, his last name was made wolf since it was one of his animal powers. No one except the Hero Factory employees know about what he did during that time. During Breakout, Nicolas Wolf was sad to forgo his beloved 3.0 form because he loves it a lot for the powers it gave him in terms of weapons. He was assigned to catch another water villain that escaped who lives in the same planet as Jawblade. He was successful and took that villain back to the prison. He did a lot of missions in that form, hoping that he could soon get the custom form to have the opportunity to get back his 3.0 powers. However, when he got the custom form, he also chose to keep the sword he got from breakout, although it also got a little modified. He also got back most of his 3.0 armour, except for the fact that his right upper arm had a bigger armour piece instead.
That's it for now and I hope you like this MOC!
Written by Lynn

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