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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lego legends of chima ultrabuild set review: Chi Worriz

Here's my Lego legends of chima ultrabuild set review of Chi Worriz! I bought this set yesterday. Here's a picture of him.

Now here's the review.
Figure: It looks good, but I find it weird that LEGO put the 3 long technic connecter with ball joint in the middle right above the ball joint used to connect the front body armour. (9 and a half/10)
Colour scheme: It looks great! Dark red mixing with the gunmetal grey/dark pure grey, silver and bright red. (10/10)
Pieces: It's awesome! You get 4 dark red armour pieces which are new, the pieces which make up the sword(Although the hand with 3 cross axle holes and 3 long axle are not new), the grey fur like pieces etc.(10/10)
Total: 29 and a half/30
I hoped you like this review! By the way, I'm going to make a Chi Wizo from parts in this set and pieces in my boxes and other ultrabuilds of the wolf tribe(Maybe I'll make a Chi Wakz!)!
Written by Lynn

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