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Friday, June 21, 2013

Lego Legends of chima ultrabuild MOC: Chi Wizo

As I've said in my review of Chi Worriz, I've said that I'll make a MOC of Wizo in his chi form. Here are 2 pictures of him.

Chi Wizo

Wizo puts in his chi and his chi form appears
I just made this just to go along with what happens when the chimians put their chi in the armour and the ultrabuild character will come out. Also, it seems that I'm the first to do a chima ultrabuild MOC. I searched it on youtube before, but none of the results was what I was looking for. By the way, if you want to know Wizo's background and other stuff, click here. Also, the reason why the last claw of each paw has a flame instead of a spike is to represent the flame powers of Wizo. That's it for now and I hoped you like this MOC!(I might do a stopmotion of Wizo turning into his chi form and crushing one of his enemies.)

Written by Lynn

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