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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lego legends of chima ultrabuild MOC: Chi Wakz

I did say I'll do Chi Wakz in the Chi Worriz review and I did it again! Here are 2 pictures of him.

Chi Wakz

Wakz puts in his chi and his chi form appears behind him
Again, I did it just for fun because so far, no one has made a chima ultrabuild MOC so I made ultrabuild versions of the official characters that wasn't made into ultrabuild and ultrabuild versions of my own minifigures. He's nothing different from Worriz and Wizo in terms of the head, but for the body armour, I changed it to Pyrox's body armour to match the colour clothing for Wakz. I still left the upper leg dark red armour there because of his legs having dark red. For the lower ones, I did it like Wizo's. Like Wizo's weapon, I made it to look similar to the Vengious of honor but Wizo's is the Vengious of fire, so it has the red in between. However, Wakz's is a Vengious of honor so I removed the red colour part and replaced it with the 3 long axle. I think I'll have Wreaka's profile and ultrabuild coming to the blog tomorrow!
Written by Lynn

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