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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lego legends of chima ultrabuild and minifigure MOC: Chi Wreaka and Wreaka

Here are 2 of my legends of chima MOCs, Chi Wreaka and Wreaka(Pronounced as Wreak-a)! Here are 3 pictures of him.


Chi Wreaka

Wreaka puts in his chi and his chi form appears behind him
Like all of the other chima ultrabuild MOCs, I made them just for fun to make them really look like the TV show where they put the chi and their chi form appears behind them for a moment. Anyway, here's Wreaka's profile.
Weapon: Slizar
Species: Wolf
Personality: Wreaka was a very unfair fighter and does not train true fighting skills. He prefers to go on ambush missions where it is a forest or desert. Otherwise, he really is a total weakling.
Background: Wreaka was born by Wakz's wife when Wizo was 2 years old. When he was 5 years old, he always used dirty tricks against his brother during spars because of not knowing a proper fighting move. Because of that, Wizo usually doesn't like to spar with him so often because he is literally always cheating. As he grew, his 'fighting style' never changes and he still sticks to the dirty fighting method which requires him to either fight in a desert or a forest full of vines. As mentioned in his personality, if he isn't in any of those places mentioned, he basically can't fight. Occasionally, because of going to a place which does not have things that he can use for dirty fighting, he'll use the pack tracker's missiles to shoot at enemies. That's a good thing for him because he knows how to drive vehicles.
Written by Lynn

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