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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lego legends of chima and minifigures set review: Jungle gates and sad clown.

Here's another double review which is for Lego legends of chima and minifigurs set review! Here are 2 pictures of them.

Sad Clown
Jungle gates

Yep, I got the sad clown for the minifigures series packet. Actually, I would like to regard him as 'sad snowman' because of the printing on his torso and his sad expression. Anyway, to the review of the Jungle Gates!
Personally, I like it the way that it actually uses the wheels because if there isn't the back wheels, I can hardly play with my speedorz. I really don't know what is with the gold coloured weapon and how Lennox is supposed to hold it. By the way, I forgot to show the rip cord but it is yellow. Here's a picture of the cards and the 6 chi included in this set.

That's it for now!
Written by Lynn

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