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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lego update 14

Yes, again I never posted a Lego update for awhile, but that doesn't mean I'm stopping! The used to be cups and hats store has turned into a gemstones store! Here's a picture of it.

I made a huge sized Lego ruby to put on the roof to represent that it sells gemstones. Here are 2 pictures of the gemstones it sells.

Top left to bottom right: Jade, morganite, yellow sapphire, diamond, ruby, blue sapphire,  pink sapphire, hematite, goshenite
Top left to bottom right: helidor, 'tiger's eye', limited edition gotator(Pronounced as Go-ta-tor and  made up by me),another 'tiger's eye', another Blue sapphire, golden beryl, aquamarine, another 'tiger's eye', another aquamarine and another helidor
Gotator is a gemstone I made up. Here's it's background:
The rare stone, gotator can be found in the mines of Lego Universe. Although, most miners can't really find it, while some, with a lot of luck, found this rare gemstone. Its natural form appears to be a grey coloured stone like most stones seen, but when polished, it appears to be a silver stone, instead of being transparent. It was recently shipped to Lego city and the store owner(Forgot where I put him so made a new minifigure for the store owner :P) puts these as limited edition as they might probably stop shipment at anytime because of how rare it is. When sold in stores, it attracts the person's attention and he/she woud probably spent whatever amount of money needed for it. Most sellers of these will sell it at $1000+, but limited to not charge $10 000 or more.
That's it for now and I hoped you like the MOC in this update!
Written by Lynn

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