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Monday, July 29, 2013

Lego Ninjago group MOC: The skeleton ninjas

Here's my Lego Ninjago group MOC: The skeleton ninjas!
Background: The group called Skeleton Ninjas was founded by a ninja of darkness, whose name is Tom. This group accepts all ninjas that don't have clans for them, like water, lava, steam, darkness, nature and imagination ninjas. This group also accepts skeletons being ninjas too, as long as they don't cause harm to ninjago. This group strives to protect ninjago from evil, and they have several different ranks. First, the leader, then the second in command, then the third in command and then the elite warriors. All of the people in this ranks will wear the skeleton printed armour. There are also rookie warriors and veteran warriors will only receive a detailed elemental suit representing their elemental powers. Their HQ is a moving fortress. Tom also has a dragon named Shadey(Pronounced as shade-dy).Although Shadey is a young dragon, he can still fly very fast, and he is an earth dragon, and the reason why he bought him is because he doesn't want people to think that his group are villains. He also taught him the element of darkness so that it can use that when not in front of the public.

Tom on his dragon, Shadey

The two veteran warriors, Luke, the lava ninja and Rick, the water ninja
Written by Lynn

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