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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lego ninjago MOCs: The Ancient Fire and Earth Mech

Here are my Lego Ninjago MOCs, The Ancient Fire and Earth Mech! Here are 2 pictures of them.

Jimmy sitting inside the ancient mech of fire

Ancient mech of earth(I know Cole's sitting in there but  I didn't really change him to be the earth ninja of Jimmy's team but whatever)

Background: The Ancient Fire and Earth Mech was built right after the first spinjitzu master made finished the land of Ninjago along with 2 other ancient mechs which are ancient mechs of lightning and ice. The mechs were later hidden by the first spinjitzu master because of the Overlord wanting power and wanted to take out all of the ancient mechs. He also made a map of where he hidden them, but it was later lost after Ninjago was split into 2. 
Years later, Jimmy, with his mech lost and his group of 3 other ninjas went to the temple of light and got their KX suits. Then, they saw their prophecies that they have to find the map of the ancient mechs and unite them to unlock the green coloured all elements  ancient mech. Then, they found the map and first, they went to find the ancient fire mech. The place was where the fire mech was hidden is in an active volcano and they really had to take careful steps, or they might cause themselves to get burnt. Finally, they found the mech, but was attack by Sam Darkness and Jamie Darkness. They eventually defeated them, and got to the mech. However, what they saw was completely different from what was drawn on the mech. It was in a plain stone grey instead of having red and orange colours on the mech. Jimmy then flipped the map over and saw how to activate the mech. Apparently, they have to place the elemental blade on the corresponding mech to activate it and its elemental colours will come out. Jimmy, being the fire ninja, puts the his elemental blade on the mech's sword and it was activated. Jimmy jumped into the mech and started controlling it. He finally got over the lost of his old mech because of how better this ancient mech is. They went to where the Nunchucks of Lightning, Shurikens of Ice and Scythe of quakes were found to find the mechs. They found all four of them and put their elemental blades towards each other using the mechs. Then, they saw the legendary all elements green mech appear before them which also allowed the green ninja of their team to sit in it.
Written by Lynn

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