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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Soft toys talking 24(Happy Racial Harmony Day!)

Elder sister penguin: Happy Racial Harmony day everybody!
Harmony Bear: Woo hoo! I heard that Wish Bear is organizing a party for celebrating Racial Harmony day!
Duckie: Really? Let's go!
*Elder and Younger sister penguin, Harmony Bear, Duckie and Baby Duckie goes to the party*
Baby Duckie: Yay! Party party! *Flies at the speed of lightning and makes fireworks as he flies*
Duckie: Good one buddy! By the way, does any of you want to know why Singapore celebrates Racial Harmony day?
Younger and Elder sister penguin: I want to know! I want to know!
Harmony Bear: It is because in 21 July 1964, a riot broke out between the Chinese and the Malays and we celebrate this day to remember that we have to keep the peace and harmony between all races and religions.
Younger and Elder sister penguin: Oh... I see...
Harmony Bear: Speaking of that, our owner had to find out the reason why we celebrate Racial Harmony day in Chinese.
Elder sister penguin: How come I didn't know that?
Harmony Bear: Because I saw her doing it and you didn't.
Elder sister penguin: Haha. Hey look at those fireworks by Baby Duckie! *Points to him and the fireworks*
*The fireworks are in shapes of all different types of soft toys, ducks, care bears, squirrels, penguins, panda bears, turtles, seahorses etc*
Tubbie: Wow!
Smarty and Pineapple: That's awesome!
Secret Bear: Amazing!
Wish Bear: And now, we shall say the thing that we're celebrating for, HAPPY RACIAL HARMONY DAY!!!
Elder brother Smiley: Yay! 
Younger sister Smiley: Woo hoo! 
Always There Bear: Aw yeah!
Good Luck Bear: Great!
The rest of the soft toys: Yipee!
Baby Duckie: *Makes a stream of fireworks which reads 'Happy Racial Harmony Day!'
Pineapple: Ya hoo!
Harmony Bear: And there it is! I love this harmonious moment. :D
Younger sister penguin: Who is making all these fireworks?
Duckie: Baby Duckie.
Younger sister penguin: Oh.
Here are the pictures of the soft toys mentioned in this post. (Good Luck Bear and Always There Bear are not new soft toys. My sister bought the 1 or 2 years ago and she received Younger sister Smiley at the same date as me.)

Elder brother Smiley

Wish Bear

Baby Duckie


Secret Bear




Younger and Elder sister penguin

Harmony Bear
Younger sister Smiley(Don't ask me why it is female because my younger sister chose to make it female.)

Good Luck Bear

Always There Bear
Written by Lynn

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