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Monday, July 22, 2013

Soft toys talking 26

Elder sister penguin: Joke time everybody!
Duckie: Yay! I got one! Farmer A has carrots. Farmer B has carrots. What does Farmer C have?
Harmony Bear: Carrots! Ain't this common sense?
Duckie: Wrong! It is medicine!
Elder sister penguin and Harmony Bear: Huh? Medicine?
Duckie: Because when Farmer C is pronounced, it sounds like 'pharmacy' and it sells medicine, therefore Farmer C has medicine!Elder sister penguin and Harmony Bear: Oh.
Snake: How to sssspell 'Yup'?
Elder sister penguin: Y-U-P. So simple!
Snake: Why you asssk me why I pass urine?
Elder sister penguin: Aw man! I just asked 'Why you pee'! *Face palms*
Harmony Bear: Here's another joke, do(Pronounced as the musical note 'do'), re and mi went to the boys, or girls toilet. Do and re came out. Who is still in the toilet?
Elder sister penguin: M...
Snake: Don't ssssay it!
Elder sister penguin: Why not?
Snake: Never mind, say it if you want to.
Elder sister penguin: Mi!
Harmony Bear: You aren't supposed to be in the boys' toilet!
Elder sister penguin: Huh?
Harmony Bear: Mi sounds like the word 'me' so you are saying that you are in the boys' toilet because my question was 'who is still in the toilet' and you said 'me!' and your opposite gender is male so I said you aren't supposed to be in the boys' toilet.
Elder sister penguin: Oh. Here's my joke! How to spell cup?
*Everybody keeps silent*
Elder sister penguin: Hey! What is with you?
Everybody except Elder sister penguin: We do not want to say that.
Elder sister penguin: -_-
Here's the pictures of the soft toys mentioned in this post.


Elder sister penguin

Harmony Bear

Written by Lynn

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