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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lego legends of chima ultrabuild MOC: Super Chi Wreaka

Here is my Lego legends of chima ultrabuild MOC, Super Chi Wreaka! Here's a picture of him.

Bio: As Wreaka finally realises that his tactics will not be able to last for long, he gets Wizo to train him in using the Ninjago element of fire. During the first lesson, he takes a vengious that was made by Rarak and starts his lesson with Wizo. When Wizo asked him to take a chi orb, he purposely took the golden chi as he wanted to know how it would be like if he plugged the golden chi in. He did that he ended up turning into what he is now. Now, he can shoot off huge blasts of fire and can smash up anything in his way and cannot control himself. He is constantly attacking the good tribes as he cannot control himself and Wizo really wishes to get the golden chi out of his chest.

Written by Lynn

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