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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Soft toys(and Lego) story: Love and Like shatters 2

Here's Love and Like shatters 2! If you haven't read the first one, click here. Here's the plot.
Although the hate potion was thrown back to Lego island, someone threw it back to Soft toy land and it was found lying on the streets...
Chapter 1: Double Trouble
31 August 2013 Soft Toy Land region
Good Luck Bear was walking to Younger sister penguin's house when he saw the hate potion flying towards the floor. As he did not know what it is, he picked it up and mumbled, "What is this?" Suddenly, Always There Bear bumped into Good Luck Bear and he dropped the hate potion. Since it shatters the love or like between two people or makes two people who hate each other hate each other even more, Good Luck Bear and Always There Bear started fighting.
"I hate you Always There Bear! You were such a traitor in my group!" Good Luck Bear said, not in control of himself.
"You betrayed me too! You're a pot calling the kettle black!" Always There Bear replied, also not in control of herself. Upon hearing the huge noise outside her house, Elder sister penguin opened the door and saw them flying. She tried to separate them and asked, "Why are you fighting? Aren't you good friends?"
"No, she betrayed my group!" Good Luck Bear rebutted.
"He did too!" Always There Bear said.
"What nonsense are you talking... about?"Elder sister penguin then saw the hate potion spilled on the floor. She thought,Oh no... chaos is on the loose... Again! But this time around it is not me and my younger sister, it's my younger sister's friends!She called her friends on the telephone to help her stop them from fighting. Worst still, a love potion was falling in Tubbie and Smarty's direction!
Smarty yelled, "RUN!!!!!! WE BETTER RUN AWAY FROM THAT LOVE POTION OR WE WILL BECOME THE NOT ALLOWED TO SAY WORD!" Tubbie obeyed and they ran as fast as they could. Then, it splashed about 6 inches away from them.
"Phew!" Smarty and Tubbie said. They continued running towards Elder sister penguin and saw Good Luck Bear and Always There Bear fighting.
"What's going on?" They asked.
Elder sister penguin replied,"The hate potion splashed between Always There Bear and Good Luck Bear and now they are fighting! Wait, why hasn't Duckie and Harmony Bear arrive yet?"
They looked around and saw Duckie and Harmony Bear running towards their direction with a worried look on their face.
Duckie and Harmony Bear panted,"Pineapple... and Elder brother Smiley... are... fighting..." Then, they fainted.
"Oh gosh... four soft toys fighting at the same time due to the hate potion?!" Elder sister penguin said.
"Wait, you mean there are two hate potions? It means DOUBLE TROUBLE!!!"Smarty screamed.
Chapter 2: Antidote finding time again
"Looks like we're going to hunt for antidotes again!" Tubbie remarked. Harmony Bear and Duckie regained consciousness and stood up.
"What did you say?" They asked.
"We're going to hunt for antidotes again," Tubbie repeated.
"Oh gosh, who made another hate potion?!"Duckie commented as he saw Good Luck Bear and Always There Bear fighting plus the hate potion on the floor.
"No idea,"Harmony Bear replied. "But we should stop them from fighting first! Anyone here has a rope?"
"I do!"Baby Duckie shouted while flying in the air towards Harmony Bear's direction. Then, Harmony Bear fetched it and gave another one to Duckie. Then, they pulled Good Luck Bear and Always There Bear apart from each other. 
Duckie ordered,"Someone get us two chairs!" Then, Elder sister penguin went to her house to get two chairs for tying Good Luck Bear and Always There Bear onto them. Then, Good Luck Bear and Always There Bear were tied onto the chairs.
"Are we going to tie up Pineapple and Elder brother Smiley too since they are fighting?" Tubbie asked.
"Pineapple doesn't have limbs!!! How are we going to tie him up?!"Elder sister penguin commented.
"Who cares? Let's go to the potions and antidotes for potions store to see if they have the antidotes now!"Duckie exclaimed. Every soft toy nodded their heads and ran to the potions and antidotes for potions store to see if they got antidotes. The store owner said, "Sorry soft toys, but the antidotes for hate potions are still being investigated." All of the soft toys face palmed. Elder sister penguin complained,"It's been 3 months already and still no antidote?!"
Harmony Bear replied,"We have to go through the same thing that we did last time. I just hope that the antidote is still at Lego Universe, otherwise peace will not restore!"
Chapter 3: Travelling to Lego Island
"Do I have to swim there like last time?! It's so tiring!" Harmony Bear grumbled. Just then, a red and black jet suddenly flew past them.
"Woah! What is that?!"Elder sister penguin wondered. Then, the jet transformed into a robot. When she saw the hero core on the robot's chest, she thought,Oh my! It's a Hero Factory hero! I wonder if I could get him to help Harmony Bear.
Then, she shouted,"Hey you! Can you help by carrying my friend to Lego Island?"
The robot turned to Elder sister penguin. He replied,"Yes, only if you stop calling me 'Hey you!'."
"What's your name anyway?"
"My name is Jamie, Jamie Flame."
"Oh, okay. Can you help to carry my friend to Lego Island, Jamie Flame?"Elder sister penguin requested.
"Sure,"Flame replied. Then, Elder sister penguin thanked him. He turned back into a jet and flew to Harmony Bear. Harmony Bear jumped onto him and he carried her to Lego Island.
"Thank you!"Harmony Bear said as Jamie Flame flew back to Makuhero City. "Okay, how do I get to Lego Universe? I should have brought a map." Meanwhile, Duckie and Baby Duckie were waiting for the rest to arrive and Lego Universe. Suddenly, Duckie's phone rang. He answered,"Hello? Duckie speaking."
"Hubby, how do I go to Lego Universe?" Harmony Bear asked.
Duckie replied,"Wait for a minute..."He used his GPS tracker to see where was Harmony Bear. "Okay... so you're at the area which is near the water that is a path from Soft Toy Land and Lego Island, right? By the way, I downloaded an app which helps me to see where you are on my GPS."
"Oh... I see. No wonder you knew where I am," Harmony Bear said.
"Now walk straight, then turn right. It will lead you to where you can take the Lego Island map. You're on your own now,"Duckie instructed.
"Okay. Bye!" Harmony Bear bid farewell to Duckie before hanging up the phone.
"Bye!"Duckie replied. Then, he hanged up the phone. "Hmm... How long is Elder sister penguin, Tubbie and Smarty going to reach here?"
"No idea,"Baby Duckie replied.
"I just hope that nothing would happen to them,"Duckie added.
Meanwhile, at where the other three soft toys were,were tired from the long the long swim. Elder sister penguin lied down on the Lego beach floor, which was the area near the water path from Soft Toy Land to Lego Island.
"So tiring..." She whined.
"Oh come on! Why don't I see any vending machine here?!"Tubbie moaned.
"Even if there was, it would probably dispense Lego Minifigure's drinks. Meaning to say, it would just be a 1x1 cylinder brick to us."Smarty said.
Then, Duckie called Smarty. He responded,"What is it, Duckie?"
"You guys just arrived in Lego Island?! Harmony Bear arrived way faster than you guys!"Duckie screeched.
"Hey, Harmony Bear got a free ride from a Hero Factory hero!"Smarty rebutted.
"Really?"Duckie questioned Smarty.
"Yeah, Elder sister penguin got it for her because she was tired."Smarty replied.
"Oh. Let me do something first..."Duckie told Smarty. Using his GPS tracker, he drew a line for where do they go so that they can go to Lego Universe. Then, he sent it to Tubbie's phone. "Okay, I just sent Tubbie a how to you reach Lego universe map line. You can view it on his phone."
"Thank you!"Smarty said. Then, he told Tubbie to check his phone. Indeed the map and the line which leads them to Lego Universe is there! So, they followed it and reached Lego Universe.
Chapter 5: Oh my goodness...
When the three soft toys arrived at Lego Universe and joined up with Duckie, Baby Duckie and Harmony Bear, they saw the whole Lego Universe fighting each other.
"Oh my goodness, someone must have been mass producing those hate potions to cause chaos in Lego Universe!"Elder sister penguin remarked.
"But the problem is, how are we going to avoid the chaos and get to the place where it was made?" Harmony Bear asked.
"I have an idea!"Duckie exclaimed, "Here's what we do. First, we call the Hero Factory to send one of their heroes with jet pack here. Then, they can bring us to where the place is!"
Everybody agreed to it and Duckie did what he said. Soon, they arrived at that place where it was made.
"Smarty, do you still remember where is the hate potion antidote?"Harmony Bear asked.
"No, and I just realised that when we first had that hate potion incident, we actually never returned it back to Lego Island."Smarty replied.
"No, no. It could have been that the person who created this potion made more than one antidote,"Smarty explained.
"He's right,"Duckie added, "It's always best to have a spare."Elder sister penguin then apologised to Smarty and they started searching.
"Remember that the hate potion antidote is exactly the same colour as the hate potion!"Tubbie reminded every soft toy. Soon, Baby Duckie found it, in fact, two of the hate potion antidotes. They returned to Soft Toy Land, but this time, with the help of the Lego Island airport's aeroplane.
Chapter 6: Peace has returned!
"Okay guys, let's split up! Elder sister penguin, Harmony Bear and I will go and give the antidote to Pineapple and Elder brother Smiley. Tubbie, Smarty and Baby Duckie, you three will give the antidote to Good Luck Bear and Always There Bear. Understand?"Duckie commanded.
"Yes sir!" The rest of the soft toys replied. Then they split up and went to where they were supposed to go. However, there was one problem which was that Pineapple and Elder brother Smiley were never tied up! So the trio had a hard time to feed them with the antidote. On the other hand, Tubbie, Smarty and Baby Duckie was able to easily feed them with the antidote and they cooled down.
"Urgh... where am I... Wait, how did I have some much bruises?!"Good Luck Bear asked, not aware of what he had done when under the potion's control.
"To put it simple, you were under the hate potion's control and started fighting with Always There Bear because she was under it too,"Tubbie explained.
"Oh no, I just had a very strange dream! I dreamed of fighting with Good Luck Bear, and-" Always There Bear was cut off by Smarty.
"It's not a dream, it's true that you did fight with Good Luck Bear, but under the effects of the hate potion. Look at the bruises on your body!"Smarty pointed out. Always There Bear saw them and pulled up a sad expression. Suddenly, she cried,"NOOOO!!!! MY BEAUTIFUL SKIN IS COVERED IN BRUISES!!! NO-O-O!!!!!!!"
Tears started dripping onto the floor as she got upset over her injured skin, "WAAAAAAAHAAAAAHAAAHAAAAAAA!!! MY BEAUTIFUL SKIN IS GONE!!!!!!"
At Elder sister penguin, Harmony Bear and Duckie's side, they finally tied up Pineapple and Elder brother Smiley. Then, they fed them with the antidote.
"Oh gosh... why were we fighting?"Pineapple asked, not knowing what happened when he was under the hate potion's control.
"Yeah... what just happened?"Elder brother Smiley added.
"Technically, you guys were hit by the hate potion and you started fighting until we gave you the antidote,"Harmony Bear explained.
After that, both of them gave the antidote to the shop which sells potions and antidotes for potions store. The shop owner praised them,"Thank you for giving us its antidote! That way, we can now make antidotes for the hate potion to sell in this shop!" Now, Soft Toy Land returned to peace and everyone was happy.
That's it for now and I hoped you like it!
Written by Lynn

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