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Friday, September 6, 2013

Soft toys talking 26

Finally, here is soft toys talking 27!
Harmony Bear: Wow... this year is such an unlucky year! Soft Toy Land got hit by hate potions twice!
Elder sister penguin: Yeah. And the funny thing is Duckie and you were the saviors twice!
Duckie and Harmony Bear: Oh yeah!
Smarty and Tubbie: Hey, we were too!
Elder sister penguin: Oh yeah... I forgot. :P
Duckie: Do you still remember how our owner's Ninjago character got beaten up by her younger sister's Ninjago character?
Elder sister penguin: Yeah! It's so silly! And today they had another match again and actually our owner won, but her younger sister refused to admit defeat. She always wants to win. Well, when our owner was younger, she was the same, at least that's what our owner told us.
Duckie and Smarty: Yeah. 
Harmony Bear: Come to think of it, that serpentine character, or Sneka, as our owner named it, is so easily hit off the spinner when she doesn't add on anything.
Everybody except Harmony Bear: Yeah.
Elder sister penguin: Also, that eagle mech our owner made is SMASHED! :P It is rebuilt into another ninjago fire mech!
Pineapple: What is it going to get called this time?
Elder sister penguin:  I don't know.
Harmony Bear: Is our owner's best friend 'fainting' of too many art and craft stuff from her mother?
Smarty: Maybe. By the way, did anybody here see our owner's custom rainbow wallet?
???:  YAY FOR RAINBOW!!!!!! WEE HEE!!!!!!!
Everybody except for the ???: Who in the world is that?!
Younger sister penguin: Me!
Elder sister penguin: Oh! It's you!
Duckie: I think this is getting a little too long. Let's stop here.
Here are the pictures of the soft toys mentioned in this post.


Harmony Bear

Younger and Elder sister penguin



Written by Lynn

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