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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Lego Ninjago MOC: Jason and his vehicle

Here's a Lego Ninjago MOC of Jason, my current roleplay character and his vehicle! Here are 5 pictures of them.

Jason in his vehicle(It's literally just a modification of Cole's Earth Driller. :P)

The vehicle itself

Jason(front view, with mask)

Jason(Back view w/out shoulder pads)

Jason(front view, without mask)
Element: Shadow
Weapon(s): Sword, Nunchuck of shadows(he can't really shoot out shadow through this weapon, but more will be explained in the background) and sai.
Vehicle: He just basically got a blueprint of Cole's Earth Driller and built it for himself, although with a few modifications, such as having more armour on the side of the vehicle.
Personality: A great seeker of fights, whether if he's in the old Shadow Ninja clan or not. He may not be necessarily on the dark or good side, but he will still help if necessary. By his actions, people usually judge him as a heartless ninja, but at heart, he is really kind and would do anything to help someone in need.
Background: Jason was a ninja who was born in the Shadow Ninja clan and he lived there since he was young. His father was a Shadow Ninja and his mother just lived in the Shadow Ninja clan's HQ, along with his father. Jason also practised in the element of shadow, and he soon learnt almost everything that can be done with the element of shadow. When he grew up, he got a choice to stay in the Shadow Ninja clan's HQ and become a official ninja soldier, or leave and live his own life. Jason chose to stay, like most other ninjas in the clan. He ranked up by the day, from soldier to warrior, from warrior to group leader, from group leader to second in command(2IC) of the commander and from 2IC of the commander into a true commander. Due to his a lot of his smart battle strategies, he got kicked out by the previous Shadow Ninja clan leader because the Shadow Ninja clan's leader feared of getting kicked out by Jason's smartness and overtake his position. Since then, he had became a ninja loner who seek for his own fights, where he could choose whatever side he wanted to, although he obviously wouldn't face a HQ on his own, he would just join a side of the battle and help that side. Soon after being a loner, he made a nindroid named 'Ninred', which will help him in battles. Ninred was later trained by Jason on certain shadow power moves and was taken with him to battle. Though, his former shadow ninja clan leader became an evil warlord wanting power upon getting consumed by his shadow powers' darkness and went to attack Jason. Jason, not able to fight him, was about to flee when the Evil Warlord had blasted a huge darkness blast which will turn him evil, but Ninred had blocked the blast with a skill called 'shadow shield', and told Jason to flee. Jason was reluctant to leave his precious creation in the lurch, but he saw and knew that Ninred wouldn't be able to hold out the blast any longer, so he fled with a shadow power called 'Shadow Teleportation' which was to use shadow powers to disappear in a cloud of black smoke and reappear at another place, but this power will not be able to make him teleport very far, like from one HQ to another.(The rest of what happened to Ninred is continued in Ninred's background.)
His most recent battle was at the Shadow Ninja HQ(the link takes you to the topic and page where I started using Jason because he is now my current roleplay character[my username is wishbear2003], or if you don't want to, I'll give you a summary), defending against a light ninja named Luke who had held a deep hatred towards shadow, thus, hiring the Rouge Ninja(who are practically mercenaries) to help with the raid. Jason took the shadow ninja's side is mainly because shadow is his element and he thought Luke was crazy for attacking someone on the same side as him. Soon, the Rouge ninja left and he had no one to fight, so he had went back to where he had started observing them. Suddenly he had lost his shadow powers and went into his vehicle and started meditating with his nunchucks which had some shadow power in it just in case he had lost his powers out of the blue(for those who don't know what 'out of the blue' means, it means something that happened which was not known). Who knows where he'll go next?
That's it for now and I hoped you like these MOCs!
Written by Lynn

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