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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Soft toys talking exclusive: The booked holiday trip: Part 5

(See part 1, 2, 3 and 4 before you read this post)
*All of the three soft toys eat their breakfast.*
Elder brother Smiley: So where are we going to go today?
Younger sister Smiley: I dunno. But let's see if my GPS can tell us the answer. By the way, you want theme park, landmark, resort or shopping centre?
Elder brother Smiley: Landmark!
Younger sister Smiley: Near or far?
Elder brother Smiley: Far!
Younger sister Smiley: Okay! *Types far landmarks of Angry Bird land onto her very unique GPS.* The listed landmarks are AB(Awesome bird) ocean and A+Birds swimming pool
Elder brother Smiley: Oh great, why on earth are the far landmarks all related to water? I think I'll take near landmarks.
Younger sister Smiley: Okay! *Backspaces far and changes it to near.* Birdy? Guys, look at this! 
Always There Bear and Elder brother Smiley: *Looks at her GPS* Huh?! Birdy?
Younger sister Smiley: *Clicks 'more' and it reads:
The Birdy is a famous landmark of Angry Bird land, having the head of a normal angry bird and the body of the mighty eagle. As the angry birds have deep trust in him, they decided to use his body and a normal angry bird's head to represent that together, the angry birds and the mighty eagle are mighty and strong.*
Always There Bear: What are we waiting for? Let's go! *Goes down the lift to level 1 with the Smileys*
*In the lift...*
Elder brother Smiley: *Calls Red Angry Bird* Hello? Red Angry Bird, please come to our hotel at 9.06 AM. Bye. *Ends call. Then, lift reaches level 1* We're here! Let's go! *Walks out of the hotel with the other 2 soft toys. Just then, they saw Red Angry Bird*
Red Angry Bird: *Lowers the car's door window*Hi! Where would you like to go?
Elder Brother Smiley: The landmark Birdy please! *Opens the door opposite of the driver's and goes in.*
*Meanwhile, Always There Bear and Younger sister Smiley enter from the back doors.*
Red Angry Bird: *Closes the car's door window* Okay! *Drives them to the landmark, Birdy* Have a nice day!
All of the soft toys except Red Angry Bird: *Opens door and exits taxi. Then, they go through the entrance of the landmark.*
Elder brother Smiley's diary
Diary entry tittle: Landmark Birdy of Angry Bird Land
Date: 3 November 2013
Dear diary,
Here's yet again another diary entry. Today I went to landmark Birdy of Angry Bird Land. I got to say, it was well painted, plus I learnt a bit of history about this thing. Here's its history, which I had copied from the place where there was a board with its history.
Birdy was a statue built in 1999. It was because Angry Bird Land's government thought that they should have more landmarks, rather than only water based ones, so this was built. The government asked many of the architects to sketch a design for this landmark, but only one made it, which was the design of a Angry Bird head and mighty eagle, and he also explained clearly of what this design is supposed to mean: to represent that together, the angry birds and the mighty eagle are mighty and strong. A year was taken to make its frame so as it will not fall into the water when leaned on, 3 years were taken to use bricks to make up the whole statue,1/2 a year to plan what to paint for the statue and 1/2 a year to paint the statue. It was finished in 2004 and officially opened up in 1 February 2004 for all locals and foreigners. Ah... how nice of them to give its history for me to write in my diary! Anyway, I'm feeling sleepy now, so I'm gonna stop.
Elder brother Smiley: *Yawns, puts his diary in his bag and sleeps on the hotel bed.*
Here are the pictures of the soft toys mentioned in this post.

Red Angry Bird

Always There Bear

Elder brother Smiley

Younger sister Smiley
Written by Lynn

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