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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Lego sports car MOC

Here's another Lego sports car MOC! It's a different sports car than the other 2 though. However, this sports car is a bit similar to the first one. I'll tell the similarities later. Here are 4 pictures of it.

Front+ right side view

Back+ left side view

What's in the front storage part of the vehicle

Engine at the back

1. Its colour scheme has white, like the first one
2. It's also a 6 wide car, like the first version
1. The back and front of the car can open and close(engine is at the back)
2. Both sides have transparent lights, while the first one has silver lights
3. The colour scheme of this car has purple, while the first version of the car has blue.
Well, so I got inspired by someone's car MOC on the Lego galleries called the 'Stingjitzu' which is made for another user, and that car is based upon the Lego Universe(LU) car chassis. After seeing it a few more times, I decided to make my own sports car. I chosen white for the colour scheme to clear my white bricks bin(the pieces in there were crazy! It was overloading!). Then, I had to choose a secondary colour because not every piece I needed was in white. I went to another box of my Lego pieces and felt purple could be matched. The engine was originally at the back, but since it didn't provide enough space for placing items, I put the engine to the back. Along the way, I made changes here and there to the car, like the front storage thingy. It originally couldn't really have space for the sword in there, but now it has. As you can see in the picture, I put a cap and a wrench along with the sword inside. In the 2nd picture, I have boosters at the back of the car. The reason why I put the chima purple feather-like pieces there is because
1. (Story) The driver had won a race and had the purple feathers of speed as a prize of the race. 
2. (Real life) I just put it there for no particular reason. I just put it there for fun. :P
That's it for now and I hoped you like this MOC!
Written by Lynn

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