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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Lego update 17

Finally a new update after another 2 month long of waiting! Here are 3 pictures of the updated city.

Full overview of the Lego City 2(Christmas decorations are back!)

Construction worker minifigure putting Christmas lights on the side of the train tracks

So, basically I have 4 updates in this Lego update. First of, yes, the Christmas decorations are back. Secondly, the minifigure's bridge is made into a train track with a 4 stud wide train on it. Thirdly, I will be posting a Christmas Lego stop motion/soft toys video very soon! Fourth, I am still working on my chima tetris stop motion(boy, it's taking so long!) which I have worked on for quite a few months already due to delays of schoolwork and my laziness. :P Well, that's it for this post!

Written by Lynn

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