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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Lego Ninjago story: The greater weapons of power: The twin swords of Lava

Here's my Lego ninjago story, The greater weapons of power: The twin swords of Lava!
Long ago, when the first spinjitzu master had made the Golden weapons, not only were the Sword of fire, Nunchucks of Lightning, Shurikens of ice and Scythe of quakes were made, but there were more, higher levels of the weapons. These were the twin swords of lava, the axe of water, the staff of nature, the spear of storms and the blade of steam. However, when the Overlord wanted power, the First Spinjitzu master had to hide these weapons, and 4 ninjas were destined to find these weapons and be their guardian as found out by a ninja of storms...
Chapter 1: The destined ninja of lava
One day, Mike, one of the 4 destined ninjas, was in a pet shop, trying to find a pet that would suit him best.
"Aw, come on! Why can't I find anything I want here?!" he whined. Suddenly, a kunai flew through the shop window and was flying in Mike's direction, as if someone had wanted to kill him.
"Ha! Got it!" The kunai was caught in Mike's hand. Then, he turned and saw a note stuck onto the kunai.
"Huh?" he murmured. "What's this?" He took the note off the kunai and threw the kunai on the floor. The note reads,
Hi, Mike,
Please come to the dojo in Ninjago City which is black in colour. Thanks.
Sensei Jovan
How on earth does this guy know my name? It's not like I know him. thought Mike. After taking another quick browse of the pet store, he still couldn't find a pet suitable for him so he went to the dojo that he was told to go.
"Wow... pitch black indeed..." Mike mumbled under his breath. He knocked the door and a young man in a ninja suit greeted him at the door.
"Come in," he said. Mike walked inside and the man who greeted him at the door introduced himself as 'Sensei Jovan'. Mike thought, Oh, so he was the guy who gave me that note! Sensei Jovan told Mike his purpose of getting him to his dojo, which was because he found out about the greater weapons of power; in fact, greater that the golden weapons, which he fear evil will take and use to destroy Ninjago.
Mike asked, "Why me, of all people, when I'm just a regular guy?"
Jovan turned to him, and replied, "Because, you," he uses his staff to hit him lightly on the shoulder, "have potential to be a guardian of one of these weapons, and in fact, have the element and power to do so. Get some training first." he pointed to a training room on the right. Mike obediently went in there to train, though he still didn't get why he had potential, the element and the power to be a guardian of the weapon.
Chapter 2: The other three destined ninja
Mike trained for 2 hours non-stop, and stopped after that 2 hours to get a drink. He went to practice again to make sure he got through the training course. After another hour, he finally completed the training course.
He went out of the room and told Sensei Jovan, "I finished the training course. What now?" Sensei Jovan did not speak. All he did was shout "Ninjago!" and went past him, making him gain a red ninja suit.
"H-huh? What is this?" Mike questioned his sensei.
"You're the ninja of lava, who is destined to get the twin swords of lava and protect it," Sensei Jovan swung his staff and put it in the regular position, "and along with 3 others who will be helping you get the weapon. Remember, evil may be going after it. Get a good nap, we're going to get the twin swords of lava tonight." After that, Sensei Jovan went to another room to meditate. Mike went to open all available doors and finally found the bedroom. He went there and slept. Meanwhile, the other three destined ninja weapon guardians came and went for training, and also got their destined elements- Jordan, ninja of water, John, ninja of nature and Nicholas, ninja of steam. When Mike woke up, he saw the 3 ninja.
"What are you doing here?!" Mike yelled.
"And what are you doing here?!" Jordan, John and Nicholas said in unison. Sensei Jovan knocked his staff on the ground, sending out a huge wave of sound, which sounds a bit like thunder.
"Boys! You are not here to fight! You must work together to find the 4 greater weapons of power remaining!" Sensei Jovan scolded them.
"Remaining?" the 4 ninja asked.
"Yes, for I have the spear of storms with me, and I'm the ninja of storm. However, there are still 4 weapons left and I fear they will be taken!" Jovan replied. "Anyway, let's get dinner before we set off for our first weapon: The twin swords of lava!" So they went to eat before they set off for their epic journey to find the twin swords of lava.
Chapter 3: This is too easy!
The 4 ninjas and the sensei ninja went to the same place where the sword of fire was held.
"Huh? What are we doing here? Isn't this the place where the sword of fire was held?" Mike asked.
"Well, the sword of fire was exposed, but not the twin swords of lava. Also, lava is somehow distantly related to fire, since it does contain some of that." Jovan replied. Being in the lead, he saw the rock and kicked it lightly. Indeed it was the secret door!
He commanded, "Stop." The other ninjas stopped to a halt, and were thinking why he had stopped. Jovan then opened the rock which led to a secret tunnel.
"Ooh... that's cool!" Jordan uttered.
"Look; it's a slide leading to a small room holding the twin swords of fire, along with a dragon guardian in there. Mike, he will be your ninja pet." Jovan told the ninjas.
"Ooh! Having a dragon as a pet would be so cool!" Mike exclaimed. then, the ninjas slid down the slide and ended in a room. Their sensei pointed to the two golden swords, saying, "Those are the twin swords of lava. Take them, Mike." Mike took the swords, and the dragon roared at Mike, as a sign of saying "Put the swords back at where they belong!"
"Gosh, this dragon is sure a fierce one! Ha!" Jordan joked.
John replied, "Jordan, this is no laughing matter! He needs to know we aren't here to abuse the power of the weapons!" Jordan rolled his eyes, as a sign of 'whatever'. Jovan knocked his staff on the ground again, like he did in his dojo, and that sound convinced the dragon that they are good. He then pointed his staff at Mike, telling the dragon that he is his owner. After that, Mike realised the dragon stopped roaring at him. He turned to his sensei, amazed. He asked, "How did you do that?!"
"Well, the element of storms include multiple elements, which are water, lightning, wind, or air and sound. I only used my element of sound and the knocking of a staff with a roaring sound can convince dragons to think that we're good." Jovan replied.
"Oh... I see. But we should probably get out of here before any enemies see us," Mike said. Then, they went to the steps and climbed out of the secret tunnel. Both the in and out doors were closed.
"Ha! This is too easy!" Jordan yelled.
"Don't ever think that way, Jordan. Maybe they are thinking of an ambush," Nicholas reminded Jordan. Again, Jordan rolled his eyes as a sign of saying 'whatever'.
Chapter 4: Spoke too soon...
When they were out of the mountain and were in the forest near the mountain, there was a nindroid attack unleashed onto them! One of the nindroids had aimed for the twin swords of lava and leaped to get them, but they were blocked by Jovan, who pushed it away and summoned a storm upon them, which had water spoiling their circuits and lightning overpowered its systems and the nindroid broke into pieces. Good, one enemy down, Jovan thought. He then went to help the ninjas smash more nindroids.
"Mr Jordan, looks like you spoke too soon," John complained. Jordan rolled his eyes again. John then used his sword to hit a few nindroids in one go and summoned vines to come onto one of the nindroids. He kicked it and sliced it into two pieces.
"Woah! How did you do that?! I didn't know you could control your element without the weapon of power!" Mike screamed, surprised while still trying to handle a group of nindroids.
"Well, I was already a nature ninja before our sensei found me," John replied. A vine came out of his sword and he used it to slap a group of nindroids to one of the trees, breaking them.
Jovan shouted, "NINJA-GO!" He turned into a grey tornado which had a tint of blue and hit several nindroids. When he stopped, he was in his storm ninja suit, and the staff was replaced by a spear. Mike was helplessly standing at his spot, trying to hold off the nindroids, but he couldn't hold them off for long. The group of nindroids he was facing were lunging at him and he couldn't get them off. Thankfully, Jovan used his spinjitzu and got all of the nindroids off him.
"Erm, how did you do that?" Mike asked.
"Spin yourself!" Jovan replied. Mike thought, Spin myself? I guess I'll try to... he started spinning and all of the sudden, a tornado appeared in the outside of him! He knocked out several nindroids by doing that.
"You haven't had enough? Take this!" Jordan slammed his knife onto the ground and that blasted a huge blast of water at a huge group of nindroids, spoiling them.
"Okay, why is it that I am the only one who can't control my element without that weapon?" Mike said crossly, arms crossed.
"Well, Jordan and I were actually close friends and we were both ninjas when Jovan found us. NINJA-GO!" John answered Mike. Then, he did spinjitzu and hit more ninjas. John turned and saw a nindroid trying to steal the twin swords.
John warned Mike, "Mike! A nindroid is trying to steal the swords!"
Mike did spinjitzu and rushed there to hit the nindroid, but it was too late. The nindroid had the swords.
"Give it back!" Mike demanded. The nindroid did not speak and ran away. 
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! THE SWORD!!!!" Mike cried. Nicholas did spinjitzu and went after the nindroid. Soon, he destroyed the nindroid and retrieved the twin swords, however he got hit by 2 nindroids and was kicked on the head, leaving him unconscious. When Jovan saw it, he commanded, "We must not let it get away with the twin swords of lava!" Mike then did spinjitzu and went after the nindroid, knocked it down and got back his swords. He shot lava at several nindroids but one of them managed to dodge and got to Mike. It tried to snatch it from Mike, but Mike managed to kick it and burn it with lava. A nindroid sneaked up on him and held him on the spot where he was. Then, another nindroid punched Mike in the face and took the swords. After that, the nindroid who helped to hold Mike in place threw Mike to a tree and ran with the sword. Jovan saw this and summoned a storm upon them, spoiling them. He looked at the two ninjas who regained consciousness and reprimanded them, "What is wrong with you? You can't defend yourself from some stupid nindroids?! I think you two need more training." Meanwhile, the other 2 ninjas were fighting very well and finally smashed all of the nindroids sent at them. The dragon, however, only blasted some lava on 3 nindroids. He still didn't know whether to trust the ninja or not, though he was given the sign that he should. The ninjas setup a mini-campfire and they slept to go for their next trip tomorrow. Little did they know that there is still a nindroid that isn't defeated...
Chapter 5: Weapon stolen!
Seeing as the ninjas were asleep, the nindroid jumped out of its hiding spot and sneaked to were the swords were. However, it was on the sword slots of Mike's ZX armour, and the nindroid tried hard to not awake him in the process. Once it was done, it ran away. The dragon happened to see it and used his tail to hit it and cause it to drop the swords, and the dropping of the swords awakened Jovan. He did his spinjitzu and hit the nindroid before taking the swords and going back to sleep. However, they never really got rid of it, so the nindroid went into a tree to do its 'plan B'. It used a grappling hook to get the swords and it stealthily jumped from tree to tree in order to not get noticed and reported to its master.. In the morning, all of the ninjas woke up and realised the swords were gone!
"Wait a minute... Didn't I get back the swords last night? Why is it gone?!" Sensei Jovan shouted, shocked.
"Huh? What do you mean, sensei?" Mike questioned.
"Well, you see, last night, I was sleeping, then I was awakened by the dropping of the twin swords, so I did spinjitzu, and hit the nindroid before taking the swords, then I went back to sleep. But how come it's gone?!" Jovan replied.
"Erm, perhaps the nindroid had went to do its plan B?" John suggested a possible answer. Jovan nodded his head, saying that it could be.
"But we must retrieve the swords, at all costs, for it cannot fall into the wrong hands!" Jovan ordered. The ninjas nodded their heads and jumped into action.
"Erm... wait a minute... Just how on earth are we going to locate where the twin swords have gone?" Jordan asked. Jovan did not answer, but all he did is knock his spear on the ground to make a roaring sound, as a way of asking the dragon where are the twin swords currently located as it has a connection to the sword. The dragon roared back, saying that it's located in the nindroid headquarters.
Jovan knocked his spear on the ground and told the ninjas, "The swords are in the nindroid's HQ!"
"But sensei, how do we get there?" Nicholas asked. Jovan pointed at Mike and then pointed to the dragon.
"Wait... so I'm going there... alone?" Mike stammered. Jovan shook his head and swung his spear at all of the ninjas and pointed the spear to himself as well. Mike heaved a sigh of relief as the other ninjas are going with him as well. They rode the dragon which flew to the destination of where the twin swords of lava are currently at.
Chapter 6: Tough battle ahead
Once they were at the HQ, the dragon sat outside of it and roared to purposely drive the nindroids out of the HQ, though, not the entire army was present. The 4 ninjas and the ninja sensei jumped down from the dragon and started fighting the nindroids.
POV(point of view): Mike
I started to use my back up black sword and fight off those nindroids. In my opinion, these robots are so hard to beat without those weapons! Probably it was because I was never a good fighter, and I wasn't really trained in my element. I did spinjitzu and fought of most of them, but one had held me down on the floor and punched me in my chest.
"Ouch!" I groaned, but it seems that the other ninjas, nor my sensei, really cared. They're too busy fighting off other nindroids and my groaning was just some automatic trigger when something that touches me hurts. Then, I got punched in the face. I went unconscious.
POV: Jordan
Woo hoo! I had a great time fighting of all of these nindroids! I swung my knife weapon at the nindroids and sliced a lot of them! I did spinjitzu and hit a lot of nindroids and after that, I splashed water at the nindroids which spoiled them. 
I yelled, "This is so easy!!!"
"Please don't let your guard down, Jordan," John warned me as he fought the nindroids. Good grief, this guy always tells me all these stuff as if I was his kid. He's so annyoing, I thought. I did spinjitzu again and knocked out a lot of nindroids and started to fight the nindroids that was left by Mike's fight. I made a huge wave of water which spoiled a lot of the nindroids, though I accidentally splashed Mike, who spat out the water.
"Blaugh! Can you please be more careful when you release the water?! I hate water!" Mike moaned.
"Sorry Mike, but please be more thankful. I helped you defeat the remaining nindroids you were supposed to handle!" I replied. Mike then reluctantly thanked me and went with me to help other ninjas.
POV: John
Silence, silence, that's who I am. I fought without any shouts or your typical kicking sounds. I just fought silently. I used the power of nature to injure the nindroids and I fought some with spinjitzu. Though, that shout of Jordan's is very irritating. Though I've trained with him since young, I still don't like the 'kiddish' nature of his, where he moaned and boasted a lot. I had defeated all of the nindroids with attacks of my element and spinjitzu. Ahhh... a perfect match indeed. Suddenly, Mike and Jordan ran past me and went to help Nicholas. I, however, went to help my sensei.
POV: Nicholas
Well, what do you think of me? A superb, powerful and strong ninja? I think you're wrong. I'm just about a rookie at fighting and I only started my ninja training a week ago, and then I'm chosen to be a protector?! Come on, heaven, you must be playing tricks on me. Or maybe this is the destiny I'm supposed to get. Hmm... tough fight against these nindroids indeed... I could barely hold off them until Mike and Jordan came to help me. Though I slightly dislike Jordan, I still like him for his skill, though his boasts can get a little annoying. Together, Mike, Jordan and I made a lot of spinjitzu attacks and destroyed the whole group of nindroids I was supposed to handle. We went on to help our sensei, though I'm not sure if I could be a bit of help with my unpreparedness, but at least I know Mike's just an ordinary guy who had to be a guardian of a great weapon, so I suppose he was more shocked than I.
POV: Jovan
Summoning of storms to attack the nindroids is what I do. I summoned several storms on the group of nindroids that I'm supposed to handle but one of them hit me and snatched my spear of storms. I stayed calm and used the element of storm to attack the nindroid. Apparently, it was scared of thunder! Good grief, I didn't know nindroids have fears too. Out of its fear, it dropped the spear and ran. I took back the spear and continued fighting, along with the other 4 ninjas who had finished their battle. Together we destroyed the whole group of nindroids. Ahhh.... the great wonders of teamwork... We then went inside the HQ which was empty at the front since we had driven of nearly half of the nindroids out of the HQ just now.
No one's POV
The ninjas continued walking through the HQ, looking out for any possible ambushes, thus, they made themselves into a circle to look in any direction possible. No nindroids had ambushed them so far, though, maybe it's because of their protection, but suddenly, a huge ambush caught them by surprise and they weren't able to fight them off for the moment. Then, John saw the twin swords near the throne where the leader of the nindroids was sitting. All he knew was that he needed to clear a path for him to create a 'vine' with his elemental power to grab the swords. He took out the sword from his sword slot and started slicing and dicing a lot of nindroids, which cleared a path just big enough for him to do what he'd planned. Then, he made a vine which hooked onto the ceiling and used that like a swing and swung across the nindroids. Before the general caught him, he ran outside and made several vines with his elemental powers and signaled his teammates and sensei to swing with the vines. The nindroids tried to catch them and pull them back into the battle, but to no avail, they couldn't.
"Go after the ninjas, nindroid army!" General Wrytar ordered. The remaining nindroids rushed at the ninja like a stampede but Nicholas had made enough steam to buy just enough time for them to go to their next destination. John gave Mike the twin swords of lava and they sat on the dragon to go to their next weapon: The axe of water.
Mike, ninja of lava
Jordan, ninja of water
John, ninja of nature(well, basically just anything in the forest. Vines, trees, plants- you name it!)
Nicholas, ninja of storm
Jovan, ninja/sensei of storms
General Wrytar: The leader of the nindroids
Nindroid armies
A nindroid who stole the twin swords of lava

That's it for now and I hoped you enjoyed the story!
Written by Lynn

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