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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Soft toys talking exclusive: Harmony Bear and Duckie's new house-Part 3

(See part 1 and 2 before you see this post.)
The next day...
Work Of Heart Bear: *Wakes up at 9 AM* Ahh! I need to go for a tour of my new house! Better get going! *Brushes his teeth, eats breakfast and quickly dresses up before going out of his current house and take a taxi to Love a lot Bear's office.*
At Love a lot Bear's office...
Love a lot Bear: *Looks at phone* Oh my! It's 10 AM already! Why isn't he-
Work Of Heart Bear: *Runs into Love a lot Bear's office and pants* I'm *pant* sorry *pant* for *pant* being *pant* late. *continues panting*
Love a lot Bear: You could have knocked on my door first!
Work Of Heart Bear: Sorry...
Love a lot Bear: So, let's go for the tour, shall we?
Work Of Heart Bear: Of course!
Love a lot Bear: Okay, here we go! *Walks with Work of Heart Bear to the lift, takes the lift to level 1, walks out of the lift and boards a taxi which she had booked to pick them up at 10 AM*
Funshine Bear: *Turns around* You're a tad bit late. :|
Love a lot Bear: Sorry, my client was late.
Funshine Bear: Just to confirm, you want me to drive to Harmony Bear's house block?
Love a lot Bear: Yes.
Funshine Bear: Okay, here we go! *Drives Love a lot Bear and Work of Heart Bear to Harmony Bear's old house.*
*An hour later...*(11 AM)
Funshine Bear: Here you go! Have a nice day!
Love a lot Bear: *Comes out of the taxi along with Work of Heart Bear* Bye!
Funshine Bear: *Drives away*
Love a lot Bear: Shall we take the lift or the staircase?
Work Of Heart Bear: Lift.
Love a lot Bear: Okay! *Walks with Work of Heart Bear to the lift and she presses the up button and they wait for the lift to come down. After a minute, it is at level 1 and they go into the lift. She presses the level 3 button and they go to the said level. Then, they walk to the far end on the left, which is where Harmony Bear's old house, or unit 03-17, is located.* Oh no! I forgotten something!
Work Of Heart Bear: What is it?
Love a lot Bear: The keys to this house!
Work Of Heart Bear: Oh great, does that mean no tour?
Love a lot Bear: Um... I suppose.... I forgotten to tell Harmony Bear to send me the keys after she moved out her furniture... *Face palms*
Work Of Heart Bear: Oh come on...
Love a lot Bear: Better call Harmony Bear. *Calls Harmony Bear with her phone*
At Harmony Bear's new house and Duckie's current house...
*In the midst of Duckie and Harmony Bear eating breakfast...*
Harmony Bear's phone: Ring! Ring! Ring!
Harmony Bear: Huh? *Walks to her phone and answers the phone call* Hello Love a lot Bear.
Love a lot Bear: Erm, Hello Harmony Bear, sorry for this hassle, but can you come to your old house to give me the keys?
Harmony Bear: What?! I'm in the middle of eating breakfast and you want me to send the keys over? You could have told me earlier!
Love a lot Bear: Sorry... It kind of, urm... slipped my mind.
Harmony Bear: Okay, I'll send the keys, but only after I finish my breakfast. Bye. *Ends call*
Love a lot Bear: Oh man, I guess we have to stand and wait.
Work Of Heart Bear: Good grief... *Rolls his eyes*
1 hour 15 minutes later...(12.15 PM)
Harmony Bear: *Goes to the outside of her old house which has tired and thirsty bears sitting down.* Sorry for the long wait guys. *Gives Love a lot Bear the keys* And boy, you look thirsty.
Work Of Heart Bear: That's because we are thirsty. *Coughs*
Harmony Bear: Here's some water that I brought. *Gives Love a lot Bear and Work of Heart Bear water bottles filled with water to drink.*
Work of Heart Bear and Love a lot Bear: *Drinks water* Thank you!
Harmony Bear: Now if you excuse me, I want to go back home and have some fun. *Takes the lift to level 1 and goes into Duckie's car, powered by solar energy, though he also has solar power cells which can be used if it rains and they can be recharged at his house with his solar power cell charging station, which uses energy from the sun to recharge the cells. Duckie and Harmony Bear goes back to their house.*
Love a lot Bear: Okay, now's the time for the tour of the house! *Opens the house gate and door with the keys and goes into the house* Ta-da!
Work Of Heart Bear: Wow! This house looks great!
Love a lot Bear: Erm, do check the rooms first before you decide to buy. This house is $356.
Work Of Heart Bear: Oh, good thing I got enough money to buy it! Well, let me check the rooms first. *Walks into the rooms and thinks it's nice.* Okay, I'll buy it!
Love a lot Bear: Confirmed?
Work Of Heart Bear: Yes!
Love a lot Bear: Okay! *Takes out something from her sling bag* Here's the contract for you to sign to acknowledge that you will be buying this house and agree to the terms and conditions.
Work Of Heart Bear: *Signs the contract, agreeing to all the terms and conditions.*
Love a lot Bear: Okay! This is your house now! Erm, where's the money?
Work Of Heart Bear: Paying by check. *Writes the amount of money on the check and gives it to Love a lot Bear*
Love a lot Bear: *Looks at the check to make sure it's not a fake and the amount is correct.* Okay, you own this house now!
Work Of Heart Bear: Thanks!
Love a lot Bear: Bye! *Takes the lift down to level 1 and like when she came, she took a taxi she booked and drives back to the court and walks to her office.*
*At Harmony Bear and Duckie's current house...*
Duckie's phone: *Tetris music starts playing*
Duckie: Huh? *Walks to his phone and answers call* Hello? Duckie speaking.
Work Of Heart Bear: Hello, this is Rainbowworkbear2, can you please send the furniture I bought from you to my new house?
Duckie: Oh, so you're Rainbowworkbear2! Okay, I'm sending the furniture over right now! *Ends call* Harmony Bear, I need to send over all those 'okay' furniture to your old house for a soft toy's username named 'Rainbowworkbear2'. I'll be contacting Dolphy for his help first. *Uses his phone and calls Dolphy to tell him that he will come and pick him up to help him for moving the furniture back to Harmony Bear's house*
Harmony Bear: (Thinking: Huh? Move the furniture back to my old house? Don't tell me Rainbowworkbear2 is Work of Heart Bear! Better get my payment from Love a lot Bear!) Erm, Duckie, I need to go and collect my money from Love a lot Bear for the selling of the house!
Duckie: Oh, you can borrow my car then!
Harmony Bear: Thanks! *Drives Duckie's car to the court which Love a lot Bear's office is located at.*
Duckie: *Drives his truck to Dolphy's house*
At Love a lot Bear's office...
Love a lot Bear: Hmph... I'm still waiting for Harmony Bear...
Harmony Bear: *Knocks on the door*
Love a lot Bear: Come in.
Harmony Bear: *Opens the door and goes into her office.* Where's my payment?
Love a lot Bear: Oh yes! Here you go! *Gives Harmony Bear the check written by Work of Heart Bear* Oh, you haven't give me money for helping you sell the house yet.
Harmony Bear: Oh yes! *Gives Love a lot Bear $150*
Love a lot Bear: Thank you! Have a nice day!Harmony Bear: Have a nice day too! *Leaves her office and drives back to her house*
See the moving of the 'okay' furniture back to Harmony Bear's old house/Work of Heart Bear's new house in part 4! Here are the pictures of the soft toys mentioned in this post.

Duckie and Harmony Bear

Funshine Bear

Love a lot Bear

Work of Heart Bear

Written by Lynn

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