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Monday, November 25, 2013

Soft toys talking exclusive: Duckie and Harmony Bear's new house- Part 4

(See part 1, 2 and 3 before seeing this post.)
*When Dolphy is waiting near the loading bay...*
Duckie: *Drives his truck fully loaded with the 'okay' furniture to the loading bay and presses the horn to alert Dolphy.*
Dolphy: *Turns his head and sees Duckie's truck. Then, he walks to it and opens the door. After that, he goes into the truck.* So, we're delivering the all of the furniture back to Harmony Bear's old house?!
Duckie: Nah, only the ones that I consider 'okay' which are getting back into the house. *Drives his truck to Harmony Bear's old house*
Dolphy: Oh. *Leans back and relaxes throughout the journey.*
*3/4 hour(45 minutes) later, Duckie's truck arrives at Harmony Bear's old house and parks the truck at the carpark and Duckie puts a 1 hour coupon.*(The reason why it is a shorter distance is because Dolphy's house is at Softcutie Avenue 5 and Softcutie Avenue 5 is a little nearer to Rakoa Road than Softgo Drive to Rakoa Road.)
Duckie: *Opens the truck door, comes out of the truck and closes the truck door.*
Dolphy: *Does the same action as Duckie*
Duckie: Ready to move the furniture?
Dolphy: Yes!
Duckie: Well, okay, let's go!
*After 1/2 hour of moving the furniture to Rainbowworkbear2/Work Of Heart Bear's new house/Harmony Bear's old house...*
Duckie: Phew! The moving of furniture is done! *Presses the lift button*
Dolphy: Yeah! I can't wait to get some air-conditioning in the car!
*The lift arrives and both soft toys go into the lift.*
Duckie: *Presses the level 1 button*
*Lift goes down to level 1. Then, Duckie and Dolphy come out of the lift. After that, they go into the truck.*
Duckie: *Drives his truck to Dolphy's house to drop him off.*
*3/4 hour later...*
Dolphy: *Opens the door, comes out of Duckie's truck* Bye, Duckie! *Closes door*
Duckie: *Waves his hand as a sign of saying goodbye. Then, he drives his truck back to his house.*
Dolphy: *Walks up the staircase as his house is only at level 2.*
*1/4 hour(15 minutes) later...*
Duckie: *Arrives at his own house and parks at his two vehicles parking slot. He then comes out of his truck and opens the house doors and goes in, which has Harmony Bear watching television inside the house*
Harmony Bear: *Turns her head and sees Duckie* What took you so long?
Duckie: I guess you do know that moving furniture can be a big hassle?
Harmony Bear: Of course.
Duckie: Well, anyway... *Sits on sofa with Harmony Bear* Let's watch the television shows together since all the hard work is done!
Harmony Bear: Yay! But what about a 2 soft toy's bed?
Duckie: Oops... that slipped my mind... And I have to be a salesman for a while at one of my car showrooms this Thursday...
Harmony Bear: Guess we have to wait 'til Friday since I have cooking lessons to conduct on Thursday.
Duckie: I need to meet a client on Friday.
Harmony Bear: What about after meeting your client, I'll pick you up with your car?
Duckie: Well, of course! It will end at 3 PM this Friday. By the way, his house is at Softcutie Avenue 5.
Harmony Bear: Okay! Well let's enjoy the day for today!*Lies on Duckies shoulder and Duckie 'wraps' his wing on Harmony Bear's shoulder as they watch television and relax for the day*
2 days later...
Harmony Bear: *Drives Duckie's car to Softcutie Avenue 5 at 2.45 PM*
15 minutes later...
Duckie: *Walks to the loading bay area and happens to see Harmony Bear with his car. He opens Harmony Bear's side's car door and asks her to sit at the other side, while he sits at the driver's seat.* Wow, you're on the dot, Harmony Bear.
Harmony Bear: You too.
Duckie: *Drives his car to Softgo Point*
*7 minutes later...*
Duckie: *Parks his car in a basement car park parking lot. Then, he comes out of his car.*
Harmony Bear: *Harmony Bear comes out of Duckie's car.* So, which shop are we going?
Duckie: Softbed brand's shop!
Harmony Bear: Oh, okay!
*Duckie and Harmony Bear walks into the lift lobby. Then, Duckie presses the up button. After that, they take the lift to level 3. Finally, they go to the Softbed brand's shop*
Duckie: Wow, tons of beds here... I wonder where's the section which can have 2 soft toys sleeping on the same bed. *Walks to the counter* Erm, excuse me, where are the beds which can have two soft toys on the same bed?
*The soft toy on the counter points to the left of the shop*
Duckie: Thanks! *Walks to where the cashier is pointing along with Harmony Bear*
Harmony Bear: Maybe you should try and feel the most comfortable bed... I haven't been having this kind of comfortable, rich and nice life for a long time since my parents were broke and passed away...
Duckie: Well, I need you to feel the beds too! If only we're comfortable for both beds, then it can be bought!
Harmony Bear: Well, I guess...
*After 12 minutes of feeling the beds, they finally made up their mind and decided one of the beds is the most comfortable. Better still, it is only $700.90, which was a piece of cake to Duckie, since he was rather rich, and he was born in a rich family. He requested the bed to be brought to his house as soon as possible. Then, Duckie and Harmony Bear go back to their house.*
A week later...
Doorbell: Ding-dong!
Harmony Bear: *Opens the door and sees that the soft toys are wearing the Softbed brand's shirt and welcomes them in for putting the bed. She is asked where she wants to put the bed and she directs them to the second level, where the bedroom is, and asks them to put it at any space that is big enough for the bed.*
Duckie: *Climbs up the stairs.* Ooh, looks like the bed is here! Um, soft toys, you can leave now.
*The two staff from Softbed brand leaves the house*
Duckie: Let's move your old bed and my old bed to the storeroom, shall we? We'll decide what to do with it another day.
Harmony Bear: Of course!
*About 18 minutes passed as they moved the beds to the storeroom. Then, another 7 minutes passed as they moved the new bed to the correct position.*
Duckie: Phew! Let's go and rest by watching the TV; again! :P
Harmony Bear: Okay!
*Both the soft toys go down, sit on the sofa and watch television, doing the same things they did on Wednesday.*
Here are the pictures of the soft toys mentioned in this post.


Duckie and Harmony Bear
Written by Lynn

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