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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Soft toys talking exclusive: The booked holiday trip: Part 2

(This is related to the previous post called 'Soft toys talking exclusive: The booked holiday trip: Part 1'. If you haven't seen it, click here to see it.Also, this turns out to be late from its estimated timing that it should be up... sorry... :( )
1 Nov 2013: 0850(8.50 a.m.) in soft toy land...
Alarm clock: Ring!!! Ring!!!
Elder brother Smiley: *Wakes up* Woo hoo! Today is the holiday! And my flight is 11 AM! Well, I guess I had better bring my sister and my luggage and wake her up! *Goes onto Younger sister Smiley's bed* Wake up Younger sister Smiley! It's our holiday trip today!
Younger sister Smiley: Urgh... can't I sleep a little longer? I feel so sleepy... *Goes back to sleep*
Elder brother Smiley: If you wake up late, we'll miss the flight!
Younger sister Smiley: MISS THE FLIGHT?! *Kicks blanket off* Oh no! I better wake up now! *Rushes to brush her teeth*
Elder brother Smiley: *Also goes and brush his teeth*
Younger sister Smiley: I'm done!
Elder brother Smiley: Same here! Let's go!
Yonuger sister Smiley: *Stomach growls* I'm starving...
Elder brother Smiley: Maybe you can get biscuits from the kitchen drawers?
Younger sister Smiley: Okay! *Gets biscuits from the kitchen drawer and eats a few biscuits.* I'm ready to go!
Elder brother Smiley: Okay, let's go! *Boards a taxi along with Younger sister Smiley that he booked via Harmony Bear beforehand and puts the luggage at the back of the taxi.*
At Softy airport...
1 1/2 hour later...
Always There Bear: *Sits on a bench after eating breakfast and waiting for the squirrels to come for them to go to the flight together. Then, she looks at watch* Oh my! How long are they going to take to arrive here? 40 more minutes and the plane's gonna depart!
At the taxi the squirrels are boarding...
Elder brother Smiley: Come on Funshine Bear! I need to get to Softy airport by 1050(10.50 a.m.)!
Funshine Bear: Sorry about that, but we're stuck in a traffic jam!
Younger sister Smiley: I just hope we won't miss the flight!
Elder brother Smiley: Ditto!
*Cars continuously press their horns at each other and the jam finally cleared at 1040(10.40 a.m.)*
Elder brother Smiley: WHAT?! 10 MINUTES LEFT?!
Younger sister Smiley: Oh no! I hope we don't miss our flight!
5 minutes later...(At Softy airport)
Always There Bear: *Looks at watch again* Goodness me! 1045(10.45 a.m.) already and they still haven't arrived? Guess I had better queue up first! *Queues up for aeroplane flight while still waiting for Elder brother Smiley and Younger sister Smiley*
10 minutes later...
Funshine Bear: Here you are! Have a nice day!(Funshine Bear is Harmony Bear's friend, and Harmony Bear also asked him not to charge them any fees, that's why he didn't ask Elder brother Smiley to pay.)
Elder brother Smiley: Thanks! Bye! *Looks at the taxi's clock* 1055(10.55 a.m.)?! Oh no! Sorry sis, I think we have to eat on the plane. We cannot go to the fast food restaurants to eat because we're late!
Younger sister Smiley: Aw! :(

Elder brother Smiley: Anyway, let's hurry, take our luggage, put on the track and queue up for the flight ASAP!
Younger sister Smiley: Yeah!
*By the time they have put their luggage onto the track it's already 1057(10.57 a.m.). They run as fast as they could to the queue and nearly missed the flight. At last, they board the plane and the plane departs from Soft toy land.*
On the plane...
Younger sister Smiley: Ah... It's good to finally have our breakfast!
Elder brother Smiley: Yes indeed! *Eats and drinks the food and drinks that they ordered.*
Younger sister Smiley: *Does the same action as Elder brother Smiley*
Always There Bear: *Looks at the chairs opposite of her and sees the 2 squirrels and heaves a sigh of relief* (Thinking: Phew! Good thing they boarded the plane! I'm sharing their ticket!
What will happen when the plane lands in the other country? Find out in part 3! Here are the pictures of the soft toys mentioned in this post.

Elder brother Smiley

Always There Bear

Younger sister Smiley
Funshine Bear
Written by Lynn

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