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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Soft toys talking exclusive: The booked holiday trip: Part 3

(See part 1, then part 2 first before you see this post.)
After 4 hours...
Aeroplane announcement: We are going to land. Please stay at your seats and don't stand up. Thank you.
Younger sister Smiley: Yay! We're now on Angry Bird land!
Elder brother Smiley: Do you feel like eating lunch now?*Looks at phone* I mean, it's already 3 p.m. now!
Younger sister Smiley: Yeah... sort off. But what can we eat here?
Elder brother Smiley: No idea. I guess we'll just go to the restaurants and see.
Aeroplane announcement: The plane has landed. You may leave the plane.
Elder brother Smiley: Let's go! *Walks down the steps that is put up by a airport exclusive car.*
*The other soft toys who boarded the plane does the same thing as Elder brother Smiley*
Elder brother Smiley: *Collects his and his sister's luggage* Wow, this sure is Angry bird land, the whole place is filled with Angry Bird apps advertisements. :|
Younger sister Smiley: Yeah!
Always There Bear: *Runs up to the Smileys with her luggage* Hey! Did you forget me?! I am with your trip too!
Elder brother Smiley: Oops... sorry... You... erm, slipped out of my mind for a bit.
Always There Bear: Forgot?! And to think that I'm sharing your ticket!
Elder brother Smiley: Sorry Always There Bear! You do know that from my house to Softy airport it can take at least 1 1/2 hour without jams!
Always There Bear: You do realise I live in the same flat as you, right?
Elder brother Smiley: Oh yeah... oops...
Always There Bear: If you had wake up earlier, you wouldn't be that late!
Younger sister Smiley: Guys, please stop the argument and decide WHERE THE SOFT TOYS ARE WE GONNA GO TO EAT!!!!  I'M DEAD HUNGRY ALREADY!!!! D:< 
Always There Bear and Elder brother Smiley: Sorry...
Younger sister Smiley: Anyway, where are we going to eat?
Always There Bear: *Points to a restaurant* Ooh! Look! It's Andonalds(angry bird version of Mcdonalds)! Let's go there and see what we can eat!
Elder brother Smiley and Younger sister Smiley: Okay!
Always There Bear, Younger sister Smiley and Elder brother Smiley: *Walks to Andonalds*
Elder brother Smiley: *Looks at menu* Looks like the usual Sofdonalds's menu in Soft toy land to me.
Always There Bear: That's because all of those are pun on the real life fast food restaurant called 'Mcdonalds'!
Elder brother Smiley and Younger sister Smiley: Really?
Always There Bear: Yep! Don't tell me you don't know?!
Elder brother Smiley: Yeah... we don't know... Eh heh heh...
Always There Bear: *face palms* Anyway what are we going to eat here in Andonalds?
Elder brother Smiley: I'll make the order since I'm the oldest and I brought about 200 Angry bird dollars. Anyway, what would you like to eat?
Younger sister Smiley: Anchicken meal with Ice Lemon Tea drink!
Always There Bear: I guess I'll just order the Anuggests and fries but I want 6 Annuggets. I also want Ice Lemon Tea!

Elder brother Smiley: Got it! *Goes and order the food that his younger sister, him and Always There Bear wants. Then, he brings to the table that they are using.* Food is served! *Takes his coke drink and Double Anchicken out of the tray and sits down. He pours out all of the fries in the cardboard holders of the fries onto the tray and starts to eat.
Younger sister Smiley: *Takes her Anchicken and Ice Lemon Tea out of the tray and starts to eat.*
Always There Bear: *Takes the box of Anuggets and Ice Lemon Tea out of the tray and starts to eat.*
*In the midst of eating...*
Younger sister Smiley: Have you booked a hotel?
Elder brother Smiley: Yep! But let's finish out food first before going there.
1430(2.30 p.m.)Angry bird land time(ABL)
Younger sister Smiley: Mmm... what a great lunch! *looks at a clock hung on a wall in Andonalds* Huh? 2.30 p.m.? I thought you said it was 3 p.m. just now!
Elder brother Smiley: Well, the timing of other countries being different from others can be quite difficult to explain, but I'll simply put it as it is because all countries have different time zones. I think I should change my phone's timezone. *Changes the timezone from Soft toy land(STL)
 to Angry bird land's timezone(ABL).* So now, let's go to DA HOTEL! *Goes to a taxi stand at the airport and asks the taxi driver, who is going to serve them for the whole time they are spending in Angry Bird Land which was booked via Harmony Bear(The Red Angry Bird is Harmony Bear's friend, and Harmony Bear also asked him not to charge them any fees).*
Red Angry Bird: *Smiles* Hello! Are you the soft toy whom I was informed that I'm going to serve you for your whole stay in Angry Bird Land?
Elder brother Smiley: Yes. Please bring us to Abird Hotel!
Red Angry Bird: Got it! *Drives them to Abird Hotel* Enjoy your stay!
Elder brother Smiley, Younger sister Smiley and Always There Bear: *Takes out their luggage from the back of the taxi and goes into the hotel to register. After that, they get their keycard and go to their hotel room. Then, they unload the stuff that are in their luggage.*
Always There Bear: *Lies down on a bed in the hotel room* Ahh... how soft... how comfortable... I wonder what's on the TV in this country. *Turns on the TV and keeps switching channels until she sees 'Andrama company's channel'. She had always loved watching this channel's TV shows! So, she starts watching*
Younger sister Smiley: *Lies down on the bed and looks at the logo. It reads:
Andrama company
|\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\|* (Thinking: Huh? Why does Always There Bear like this channel?)
Elder brother Smiley: Ahh!!! It's so good to be able to get some rest after this long trip! *Lies on bed and sleeps*
Younger sister Smiley: Well I guess this wraps up our beginning of our holiday! Now where are we going to eat for dinner? (Uses her phone to search for restaurants in Angry Bird Land)
Always There Bear: *Looks at Younger sister Smiley* O_o I think you're thinking about dinner at a time that is too early. Just relax for a bit, Younger sister Smiley. Wait till 5 p.m. or so. *Continues watching the TV show*
Younger sister Smiley: Yeah... you're right. *Sleeps also*
Always There Bear: *Turns her head during the advertisement* O_o Both of you are sleeping?! *face palms. Then, goes back to watching the TV show*
What will the soft toys do in the next 3 days? Find out in part 4, 5 and 6! Here are the pictures of the soft toys mentioned in this post.

Always There Bear

Younger sister Smiley

Elder brother Smiley
Red Angry Bird

Written by Lynn

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