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Friday, November 8, 2013

Soft toys talking exclusive: The booked holiday trip: Part 4

(See part 1, 2 and 3 before seeing this.)
2nd November, 9 AM in Angry Bird land
Elder brother Smiley: Hmm... where should we go today, Always There Bear?
Always There Bear: No idea. I've never been here before.
Younger sister Smiley: Look! I have a GPS(Global Positioning System) on my phone! Apparently we are in the East of Angry Bird Land and at the North is a Legoland resort. Shall we go?
Elder brother Smiley and Always There Bear: *Nods*
Elder brother Smiley: Let's take our taxi there! *He calls Red Angry Bird to pick him up at 9.05 AM. Along with Younger sister Smiley and Always There Bear, they walk towards the lift and go all the way from level 7 to 1. Then, he looks at his phone* Hmm... 9.03 AM? I guess I need to wait for 2 more minutes.
2 minutes later...
Red Angry Bird: *Drives his taxi to Abird Hotel. Then, he lowers the window on his car door* Where would you like to go?
Elder brother Smiley: I'll tell you in the car. *Opens the door at the opposite side of the driver and goes in. Always There Bear enters from the doors at the back. Younger sister Smiley enters the door Always There Bear opened.*
Red Angry Bird: *Shuts window* So where would you like to go?
Elder brother Smiley: The Legoland resort in here.
Red Angry Bird: Okay! *Drives them to the Legoland resort.* Have a nice day!
(The soft toys had already eaten before 9AM. Also, everytime they go to a landmark/theme park/resort of that country, Elder brother Smiley will write a diary entry about his experience in that place. However, if he's just going for shopping, there won't be any diary entry. His diary has '
Elder brother Smiley's diary', 'Diary entry tittle' and 'Date:' which was specially asked by Elder brother Smiley at a designs printing store to be printed on a large notebook he bought of a store in Soft Toy Land. Truthfully speaking, I don't ever write diary entries, nor do I read books involving diaries. I'm really writing Elder brother Smiley write a diary entry so as to shorten this post. If you wonder how I know the format of diaries, it was actually someone who told me.)
Elder brother Smiley's diary
Diary entry tittle: Legoland resort @ Angry Bird land 
Date: 2 November 2013
Dear diary,
it's been a long time since I'd written a diary entry! Let me see... Oh my... my latest diary entry was in September! Well anyway, I guess I should cut to the chase. Anyway, I went for a lot of rides! I even went to see the miniland part of Legoland where there are sculptures of popular places in all countries in the same continent as Angry Bird land! Well anyway, I went for the Senior 'driving school'. It was a little scary... I had to admit. My younger sister had accompanied Always There Bear to the junior section. When I was done with my car ride and Always There Bear done with hers, I saw a big smile on her face. I guess she had enjoyed it. Next was a trip to a roller coaster ride. In fact, a Lego Dragon. IT WAS AWESOME!!! Although, too bad me and my younger sister had to take turns taking care of Always There Bear as she was too young for the roller coaster. Then, I switched roles with my younger sister. After the ride, her face seemed as if she was scared out of her wits from the ride. Then, we went to a few other rides. After that, of course, what wouldn't be better than buying some Lego sets from the store? I bought a few, mainly chima and ninjago sets. They were awesome! But I can't exactly build them... for now. Plus I bought a whole bunch of bricks from the Pick-A-Brick section! I can't wait to add them to my collection when I get home!(Yes he has an interest in Lego stuff and this pink part here is not included in his diary entry) Urgh... I feel so tired now... I guess it's time to end this entry... and for me to get some sleep!
Elder brother Smiley: *After he finishes writing the entry, he yawns, puts the diary in his bag and sleeps on the hotel room's bed*
Here are the pictures of the soft toys mentioned in this post.

Red Angry Bird

Elder brother Smiley

Younger sister Smiley

Always There Bear
Written by Lynn

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