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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Yes! I've finally gotten him!

Finally, at last, I've gotten Lloyd, the green ninja!

Ever since the introduction of the green ninja and who he was, everyone was guessing and guess what? It was Lloyd! There was even customs of this green ninja! When Lloyd ZX first came, I had obviously wanted to grab this minifigure, but unfortunately for me, I cannot find the cheapest set that has him(Lloyd's spinner) and why I had wanted to try and grab him in the cheapest set is because I'm not gonna waste my money on a expensive set that is over S$100 just for a minifigure. Finally, at last, yesterday, at Popular bookstore, I've gotten him, in the Lego Ninjago character encyclopedia! I just read through a few of the pages, and I think it was okay. After all, I pretty much know most of the information from watching the TV show. But anyway, that's it for now!

Written by Lynn

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