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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Soft toys talking exclusive: Duckie and Harmony Bear's new house-part 2

Here's part 2 of Duckie and Harmony Bear's new house!(Well, technically it's only Harmony Bear's new house, if you had seen the first part.)
Harmony Bear: *Meanwhile, when Love a lot Bear is typing out the document, Harmony Bear sits down on the waiting chair and sends a SMS to Duckie, which reads: 'I told Love a lot Bear that I want to sell the house! She's currently typing the document.' While waiting for Duckie's reply, she plays some games on her phone, and then, there's a notification that appears on the top of her phone, telling her Duckie has sent her a message. She taps on that and goes to the SMS place.*
In Harmony Bear's phone...
Me: I told Love a lot Bear that I want to sell the house! She's currently typing the document.
Duckie: Good luck for finding a person who wants to buy your house!
Me: Thanks!
In the room...
Harmony Bear: *Goes back to playing games*
15 minutes later...
Love a lot Bear: *Finishes typing the document and prints it out. After that, she signs it.* Done!
Harmony Bear: *Raises head* What's done?
Love a lot Bear: The document!
Harmony Bear: Oh, okay! *Reads the document, then signs it, agreeing to all of the terms and conditions.*
Love a lot Bear: 'kay, it's said then! Now, let's go to the T joint path and wait for a buyer. *Walks with Harmony Bear to the T joint path*
*At the T joint path...*
Love a lot Bear: Ooh! Look! There's our friend! I wonder what's he doing here?
Harmony Bear: Oh, it's Work of Heart Bear! 
Work Of Heart Bear: Erm, I would like to buy a new house.
Love a lot Bear: *Hears what Work of Heart Bear says* Did you hear that?! He said he wants to buy a new house!
Harmony Bear: Really? That's great! Tell him, Love a lot Bear!
Love a lot Bear: Okay... *Walks to Work of Heart Bear* Hello, my friend! Did you say you want to buy a new house?

Work Of Heart Bear: Erm... yes.
Love a lot Bear: Oh! That's great! Someone here happens to have a house to sell to you!
Work Of Heart Bear: Really? That would be great!
Love a lot Bear: Come to my room, with the soft toy who originally owned the house and me.
Work Of Heart Bear: *Looks at Harmony Bear* You are the one?
Harmony Bear: Erm... yes... I'm selling my house.
Work Of Heart Bear: Well, I had a sleepover at your house before, I don't think I need a tour of it.
Harmony Bear: No no no, you see, I am now living in a flat, no longer in a private property, thought that's going to change once this flat house unit gets sold.
Work Of Heart Bear: Oh, I see.
Love a lot Bear: *Turns around and sees that Work of Heart Bear and Harmony Bear are still at the T joint path* Guys, if you aren't coming to my office, I won't be able to help you guys make a deal.
Work of Heart Bear and Harmony Bear: Okay! *Walks towards Love a lot Bear's room*
Inside the room...
Love a lot Bear: Okay, so, I'll give you a tour of Harmony Bear's flat tomorrow at Rakoa road 295C level 3 unit 03-17. Okay?
Work Of Heart Bear: Fine with me.
Love a lot Bear: As for you, Harmony Bear, you might want to move your furniture out and remove paints if you have on the walls ASAP. It'll make the tour be giving out the actual original looks without furniture and let Work of Heart Bear see what he thinks.
Harmony Bear: Well... I suppose... 
Love a lot Bear: Okay, it's said then! Bye soft toys!
*Harmony Bear and Work of Heart Bear goes back to their houses.(Work of Heart Bear and his family actually rents a room in a soft toy's house because beforehand, they didn't have enough money to buy their own house until Work Of Heart worked part time.)*
Harmony Bear: *Asks Duckie to drive a lorry to her house to carry the furniture once she gets home and waits for the truck to come. After an hour(Rakoa road's very far from Softgo Drive), the phone rings and she picks it up, seeing Duckie's handphone number, and accepts the phone call* Hello Duckie! You're at the loading bay already?
Duckie: Yep. Bring down the furniture as soon as you can! Well, with my assistant helping you, of course.
Harmony Bear: Oh, thank you!
Doorbell: Ding-dong!
Harmony Bear: *Opens the door* Dolphy? I didn't know you carry furniture!
Dolphy: I'm just volunteering to help.
Harmony Bear: Well, okay! Let's move these furniture!
*After 2 hours of moving the furniture and going up and down the lift, they finally cleared the house.*
Harmony Bear: Urgh... that was tiring... *Goes into the seats for soft toys to sit in the lorry and buckles her seat belt.*
Dolphy: Yeah... *Does the same action as Harmony Bear*
Duckie: Ready to go?
Dolphy and Harmony Bear: Yes!
Duckie: *Drives to his house*
1 hour later...
Duckie: *Parks at his 2 vehicle slots parking place.* We're here! Let's move these stuff into the house! But before that, let me open the door first. *He uses the house keys to open the house's door.* Furniture shifting shall begin!
*After an hour and a half...*
All three soft toys: Yay! We... *Pant* Finally... *Pant* Moved in... *Pant* All of the... *Pant* Furniture!
Duckie: Dolphy, I think it's time for you to go.
Dolphy: Of course! Bye! *Walks to the bus stop and takes bus 333 to his house at Softcutie Avenue 10*
Duckie: *Looks at Harmony Bear* As for us... let's take a break for the moment, shall we?
Harmony Bear: Of course!
1/2 hour later...
*After 1/2 hour, Harmony Bear and Duckie starts discussing on what they should keep, sell or throw away. Some very torn and worn furniture had an obvious decision; which was to throw away. The 'okay' furniture were sold and the very good furniture were kept*
Harmony Bear: So, my bed is considered a 'very good furniture' when it's so old?
Duckie: Not exactly, I just kept it for the moment because I don't have extra beds here, and it'll be your temporary bed 'til I get a couple bed for buying.
Harmony Bear: You didn't keep your parents' couple bed?
Duckie: No, not since my parents passed away.
Harmony Bear: Oh.
Duckie: Well, shall we move all of these 'very good furniture' to where it should be?
Harmony Bear: Yes!
*An hour passes after moving all of the 'very good furniture' to where it should be placed. Then, 2 hours passed for putting the 'okay furniture' into the store room for selling it later on and all of the 'torn and worn furniture' outside the house, which is going to be thrown away next day. Duckie, at his buying account on Softyzon(Soft toy land version of 'Amazon') and puts up the furniture for sale. Within 30 minutes, all of them were bought by the same soft toy, whose username is 'Rainbowworkbear2', who requested the furniture to be brought in to Harmony Bear's old house the next day*
This will be continued in part 3! Here are the pictures of the soft toys mentioned in this post.

Love a lot Bear

Duckie and Harmony Bear
Work of Heart Bear

Written by Lynn

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