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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Custom foam sheet Galaxy Ace phone case

Here's my custom foam sheet Galaxy Ace phone case! Here are 3 pictures of it.

Front view w/ the part covering the front of the phone covering the phone

Front view w/out the part covering the front of the phone covering the phone

Back view without the Velcro being connected
Top of the phone case

As mentioned in my first post on my custom foam sheet Iphone case, I made a phone case for my sister's phone, and here it is. So basically I just did it the other way round(use my own phone to take pictures of my sis's phone, my main camera for my blog) and just edited it a little bit with Windows Photo Gallery. So, here's the phone case. So, there are holes for the camera hole, the hole for flash, the hole to hear sound, a hole to off the phone and last but not least, the buttons on the front. JSYK(Just so you know), it is my second foam craft and I was asked by my sister to make it because she saw my phone case. Yeah, it's a little plain, but it's because my sister didn't tell me what she wanted to decorate on her phone case so I didn't put anything. :P That's it for now!

Written by Lynn

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