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Monday, December 23, 2013

Custom foam sheet Iphone 3G case update 2

Here's yet another update of my foam sheet phone case!

Yep, it's just my Lego Ninjago Roleplay character, Jason(see him and the first version of his vehicle and a minor update on his vehicle) as a decoration on the front of my phone case. The funny thing is how I was so silly to actually separately put the packaging tape/scotch tape/transparent sticky tape on my Jason drawing, cut it out and then put a bunch of packaging tape/scotch tape/transparent sticky tape on certain parts of Jason when I could just cut one big piece of said tape and just paste it on that drawing of Jason and just paste it on the part which covers the front of the phone. :P Also, here's something I didn't show in my first post on this phone case.

Yes, the top and the left of the phone case does have holes for turning off the phone, connecting the headphone plugs to it, turning up and down the volume and a hole for turning the phone to silent mode or make the phone have sound. Well, anyway, that's it for this update!

Written by Lynn

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