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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Lego hero factory villain MOC: Flameblast

Here's my Lego Hero Factory villain MOC, Flameblast! Here are 2 pictures of it.

Front view

Back view

Here's his profile.
Name: Flameblast
Weapon(s): Double-shot flamethrower
Colours: Red, gunmetal grey/dark pearl grey, silver, a little bit of black and a little bit of dark red/maroon
Personality: Though a ruthless villain, he really just does it for the fun of it because he is sort of a pyromaniac and likes to see things explode and go in flames all over the place. He is also a joker at times, but also cunning, and a great mastermind. He will also burn anyone who tries to disturb his ongoing plans.
Affiliation: None, but leader of his own organisation named 'Deathflames'
Status: Alive, still out on the loose
"Oh, you Hero Factory dare blame me for being a villain when it was YOUR fault that I had became power hungry! All thanks to your laziness and frustration, this is what I've become. But it is to my advantage, especially thanks to the increase of my size since my robberies and now I even have a gang to do my bidding! If my greatest wish could be anything, it would be for Hero Factory to shut down, or be destroyed."
Background: Flameblast, like Fire Lord and his minions, was formerly a mining bot.
Flameblast was constructed as a mining bot on Tallos 5 and mined there for many years, though his name was unknown when as a mining bot. Later, he had an encounter with a villain and was severely injured, thus getting upgraded with the prototype 2.0 blueprints and being able to absorb fuel from fuel cells, thus cutting the need of going to the fuel base to refuel. Though, like the other fire villains, that ability backfired and he could absorb more fuel than he is able to handle, thus, turning power hungry and he left Tallos 5 and became a villain and changed his name to Flameblast. At first, having minimal power, he had made a stealthy trip to a weapons store and stole 2 flame throwers. Then, he went back to his little hideout and did a few tweaks here and there to combine the 2 flame throwers into one and that became his weapon ever since. He had done a lot of bad things, some of them being arson, robbery, assault and murder. Upon all these things, he had managed to make himself bigger, stronger and more muscular. Soon, the destruction caused by Flameblast had caught Hero Factory's attention and he was a wanted villain. However, their attempts to capture him were to no avail. Soon, he had even set up his own gang and he made more destruction, turning planets empty and full of flames and smoke one by one.
That's it for now and I hoped you like this MOC! Oh, and he is also my biggest MOC to date!
Written by Lynn

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