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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Interview with Hero Factory MOCs: Max Toxic Gunner

Here's finally an interview with Hero Factory MOCs post after half a year's wait! Sorry about that because I couldn't think of any good ideas for this series of posts.
Elder sister penguin: So, Gunner, how's life?
Max Toxic Gunner: Nothing special, just your good ol' spying and informing Hero Factory, though we do take some villains in our own hands.
Elder sister penguin: Oh... okay... So how did you-
Duckie: Hello Elder sister penguin! What's-
Elder sister penguin: CUUUUUUUUTTTT!!!!!! *Harmony Bear stops the camera* Duckie, what are you doing here? I'm in the middle of an interview!
Duckie: Oh, you just answered my question. Thank you. *Flies away*
Elder sister penguin: And action! *Harmony Bear starts the camera* Erm, to continue with my question, how did you feel when Merrick Fortis had informed you that you are going to get personally trained by Fortis himself?
Max Toxic Gunner: I-
Merrick Fortis: Did someone mention my name?
Elder sister penguin: CCCCCCUUUUTTT!!!! *Harmony Bear stops the camera* Fortis, I didn't invite you here, and yes, I mentioned your name. Now, can you please leave so that we can continue with the interview?
Merrick: Well, I guess... *Leaves*
Elder sister penguin: And action! *Harmony Bear starts the camera* So, your answer?
Max Toxic Gunner: I was honoured to be personally trained by him and in fact, I was very happy about it!
Elder sister penguin: Okay... CUT!
Harmony Bear: *Stops camera* That's the end of the interview!
Here are the pictures of the soft toys and Hero Factory MOC(s) mentioned in this post. Oh, BTW, sorry for such few questions. I couldn't think of anymore to put.

Merrick Fortis

Max Toxic Gunner(right)

Duckie and Harmony Bear

Elder sister penguin
Written by Lynn

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