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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Lego minifigure MOC: Earth protection force(EPF) leader

Here's my Lego minifigure MOC, Earth protection force(EPF) leader! Here are a few pictures of it.

EPF leader with all the accessories on him(front view)

EPF leader w/out helmet(front view)

EPF leader w/out helmet(Back view)

EPF leader w/out helmet and armour(back view)

EPF leader w/out helmet and armour(front view)
Here's his background.
Background: The police force of Lego city, thinking that they should have a force that will defend outside of earth invaders, made a team called Earth Protection Force(EPF). This force is dedicated to protecting the earth and make sure the only planet that can have living beings will not be turned into another lifeless planet.
All of the members in this team will have a lot of armour, a helmet, and a weapon. The leader will help lead the team into victory. Though, the leader has slightly more armour than a regular soldier of the force.
(Note: I didn't paint the visor or the helmet. I just put some blue tag and purple modeling clay on them. The chi armour from the chima theme also uses some of my purple modelling clay to make it be more armoured.)
That's it for now and I hoped you liked this minifigure as much as I did!

Written by Lynn

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