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Monday, December 30, 2013

Ninja penguin's training on how to be a proper fruit(plus some other random stuff her crazy sensei threw in her missions) ninja

Here are a few videos on Ninja penguin's(acted by Elder sister penguin) training on how to be a proper fruit(plus some other random stuff her crazy sensei[acted by Take Care Bear] threw in her missions)ninja! Here are the videos(Please note that these videos were taken a long time ago, probably when I had first bought Pineapple or something like that. I kinda forgot. :P Thus, in these videos he still has the extra strap for the ninja like head band appearance and there wasn't a yellow angry bird here then).

First episode plot: 
Elder sister penguin was playing her fruit ninja app when she suddenly thought of an idea: to bring fruit ninja into real life. (not shown in video) Using a random banana she found, she used it to hit two fruits who were discussing about the fruit ninja app and found it very fun, and yelled 'Fruit Ninja!'.

Second episode plot:
Elder sister penguin thought her first attempt at being a fruit ninja was not enough, and went to get a real sensei to teach her the ways of the fruit ninja. Upon being accepted, her sensei(acted by Take Care Bear, Sera's soft toy who will appear in episode 3)gave her apprentice a sword to slice 3 fruits, since she had already sliced 2 fruits beforehand, she was accepted(what is said here is not depicted in the video). Using that sword, she went to find 3 fruits and thanks to her luck she did. Pineapple was sliced easily, so was banana since he was sleeping. Strawberry, however, managed to get away from the ninja penguin with ninja smoke. Soon, strawberry himself also gets sliced.

Third episode plot:
Upon success of the ninja penguin's first mission, her sensei grants her a new sword, called the 'master sword', showing the status that she is good at using swords. After Elder sister penguin leaves, she gets a call from her sensei, saying that she needs to kill 3 fruits and an angry bird.  Upon her surprise, the ninja penguin replies, saying, "What?! You want me to kill an angry bird?!" and her sensei tells her that that's her orders. Upon doing a bow that her sensei can't see since she's on phone, she obeys her commands. Meanwhile, another trio of strawberry, pineapple and banana was together talking when an angry bird crashes in, explaining how he got there when he was questioned by strawberry.  
Later, Ninja penguin  finds them, but they disappeared in ninja smoke, thus, the Ninja penguin cannot find them. Being tired, she ended up sleeping and left her sword unattended, giving a chance for strawberry to take away her sword, much to Ninja penguin's dismay. Pineapple later appears with Angry bird with his ninja smoke in the air and squashes ninja penguin, rendering her unconscious. 
He then pushes her into the sea, but later gets chided by strawberry  for forgetting the fact that penguins can swim when he asks pineapple if he had gotten rid of the ninja penguin. Later, when the fruits leave, strawberry accidentally forgets to bring the Ninja penguin's sword with her. Will the Ninja penguin be able to slice the fruits, or will history repeat itself? 

Fourth episode plot:
While Ninja penguin is under the water, she becomes conscious and wonders why she was in the sea. Caring less about the fact, she goes up to the surface to spit out water. She goes to a higher surface and realises her blade had reappeared out of the blue. She then takes it and puts it in the sword holder on the back. When the ninja penguin leaves, the whole group reappears because strawberry realised he forgotten to bring the sword with him. To the fruits' dismay, the sword was gone. Pineapple then yelled saying that maybe the Ninja penguin had taken the sword away. Strawberry replies with "Eeks! Oh no..." and after a few seconds he said that, the Ninja penguin slices him and banana. 
Pineapple screams upon the death of his friends and also yells "Nooooooooooooooo!!!!" but still got sliced. The angry bird, not aware that he's gonna get sliced, stays there and does nothing, giving a chance for the Ninja penguin to slice him. Before she puts the sword back to her sword holder, she says, "Boo yah" 3 times and says that she needs to clean up the angry bird's blood on her blade before returning to her dojo.

Fifth episode plot: 
When she returns to her dojo, she proudly says to her sensei that the mission from her sensei is accomplished. The sensei then praises her and tells her that she is close to becoming a real ninja. Then, she gives the ninja penguin the rookie shuriken, telling her to slice 2 fruits and a bear with it(yep the ninja penguin's sensei is totally crazy :P). Her reaction was the same as when her sensei told her to slice an angry bird when she told the ninja penguin to slice a bear. The sensei says yes and the ninja penguin replies with a bit of a not-really-willing okay and takes the weapons with her to look for the things needed in her mission.
Meanwhile, the famous bounty hunter, Always There Bear, was asked out by the 2 fruits, another Strawberry and Pineapple. As Always There Bear did not know what will they be discussing about, she asks them and Strawberry tells her that their species numbers have been going down at that time and would like to know why does the ninja keeps wanting to slice fruits up. Always There Bear Bear, knowing that there are fruit ninjas, questions if the ninja is a penguin. Pineapple replies with a "Ah! Yes!" and Always There Bear is shocked at the fact it is. Meanwhile, the Ninja penguin climbs up the staircase to find a good spot to throw her shurikens. She then finds a good spot and throws her first shuriken at Always There  Bear, rendering her dead while they were discussing. Pineapple and Strawberry were shocked and went to her yelling 'Always There Bear! Wake up!'(in the video I accidentally said Red Bear instead of Always There Bear when I made the soft toys said the same thing as the said in the first time for the second time :P) and then they later kept saying "Wake up!". However, the Ninja penguin throws a shuriken at Strawberry and he is dead as well. Pineapple says "Eeks! Now what?" and then the Ninja penguin throws a shuriken right at his eye, rendering him dead. Just to be safe, the Ninja penguin checks up on them to make sure they're really dead and also takes back her thrown shurikens. After that, she uses ninja smoke to disappear from that place.
Yep, I know I did NOT end the series well, since I had a crazy cliffhanger there after episode 5. Questions like "What happened after she disappeared with ninja smoke?" or something else similar would be filling your mind like crazy now. Unfortunately, I cannot revive the series since the Lego pieces I need for the sword is gone and used for other stuff/I forgot what pieces were used to make the Lego sword. I have no plans for this to continue but maybe you can make a story of what happened after episode 5!
Ninja Penguin- acted by Elder sister penguin
Character personality: An easily angry penguin, she is also impulsive which can easily lead her into dangers. However, she is also an obedient penguin, which makes it easy for her to follow her sensei's orders.
Sensei- acted by Take Care Bear
Character personality: A hater of fruits, she wants to kill them all so that nobody can eat anymore fruits. However, she is a little crazy, seeing as she asked ninja penguin to kill someone of her own kind and an Angry Bird.
Victims of fruit ninja- Pineapple, Strawberry and Banana(Need I say more?)
Angry Bird- Acted by Red Angry Bird(Need I say more?)
Always There Bear- acts as herself :P
Character personality: A bounty hunter who cares all about money. Just give her the money and she'll do it for you, and kill whoever it is with her sniper riffle.
That's it for now and I hoped you like these videos!

Written by Lynn
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