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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Anti fruit ninjas video

Here's a video about Anti fruit ninjas and fruit ninjas that I made for fun.

A fruit(acted by Pineapple) realises that the fruits are getting lesser and lesser. He has fewer friends because of the cause of the fruit shortage: Fruit Ninjas. He then sets out to become the leader of his own group called Anti fruit ninjas and gotten 3 of his friends(acted by Strawberry, Banana and Apple) to become members of it. Then, using blades, they set out to hunt for fruit ninjas and cut off their hands to prevent them from cutting anymore fruits(victims acted by Smart Heart Bear, Baby Duckie and (Baby) Share Bear). However, their doing will not last long, as a fruit ninja will be sent out as a hero(acted by Elder sister Penguin) to wipe out the entire group of anti fruit ninjas, saving many fruit ninjas' hands being cut. The fruit ninja hero set out to find powerful blades, but to no avail, until she learnt of Lightning Bolt, the elite blade. She also realises few fruit ninja blade sellers sell this elite blade, but when she was walking around the street with her flame blade, she sees Angry Bird's store and goes into it and sees the lightning blade. After a bit of negotiating, Angry Bird agreed to lend her the Lightning Bolt but she must either return it after use or buy it for 10 000 star fruits. Upon retrieval of the sacred elite blade, she went to the Anti Fruit Ninja's HQ to confront the anti fruit ninjas. Will she be able to get rid of them once and for all or will the anti fruit ninjas continue their terror?
That's it for now and I hoped you liked the video!
(PS: None of the soft toys hands/wings are really cut. I REPEAT, NONE of the soft toys' hands/wings were really cut off. I couldn't bear to really cut off their hands as the soft toys are so cute and besides, those soft toys were actually borrowed from my sister, Sera so I really can't cut them off. But even if they were my soft toys, I still wouldn't cut them off, thus, when they shout 'Ahh!!! My hands/wings!!!' I never showed their hands or wings because in reality, they were never cut.)
Written by Lynn

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