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Friday, December 27, 2013

Lego Ninjago MOCs: Ninred and his jet, the Nirjet

Here's my Lego Ninjago MOCs, Ninred and his jet, the Nirjet! Here are 3 pictures of them.

Ninred w/ human style torso

Ninred out of the Nirjet

Ninred in the Nirjet
Ninred in robot torso form

Here's his profile.
Name: Ninred
Weapons: Prefers to use two swords in combat, though he can just about use any weapon he gets his hands on. Also, in his robot torso form, his right arm can shoot out laser beams.
Personal vehicle: Nirjet
A sleek jet, Ninred loves to use this on sneak attacks, since it can cloak and shoot out lasers. His swords, when not in use, are placed on the wings of the jet, which means that can trick people into thinking it's just a decoration.
Background: Ninred was a nindroid that was made to serve Jason as Jason couldn't always fight alone, and would somehow need Ninred's help. After teaching him a few fighting moves. spinjitzu and some shadow powers; both offensive and defensive, Ninred was set to go. However, when Jason's shadow ninja clan leader got consumed by his very darkness in his shadow powers, he turned evil and became an evil warlord. The evil warlord then went to fight Jason but Jason wasn't able to hold him off, so he called Ninred to help him fight. Outnumbered with the evil warlord's new powers upon being consumed by evil, Jason had to do what he had hated the most- to flee. However, he was nearly stopped by doing so as the evil warlord fired a huge darkness blast which will turn him evil. However, Ninred had blocked it with a skill called 'shadow shield' and told Jason to run. Though Jason was reluctant to leave his precious creation in the lurch, he realised that Ninred could only hold out a few seconds more, and fled as planned. When Jason teleported a distance long enough to not let the darkness blast hit him, Ninred couldn't hold out any longer and got hit by the darkness blast, turning him to his now evil state. Though, his public background was that he was a glitched nindroid, because Jason doesn't want anyone to find out about this dark past that he had between him and Ninred. 

When Ninred was evil, he was power hungry and wanted his own place. Ninred knew that it was no way he was going to get the power he wants on his own, so he stumbled upon the nindroid HQ and decided it was the best place for him.
That's it for now and I hoped you liked these MOCs!
Written by Lynn

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