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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lego Hero Factory Invasion From Below MOC: Furno(movie form)

Here's my Lego Hero Factory Invasion From Below(HFIFB) MOC of Furno based upon the movie for HFIFB! Here are 2 pictures of it.

Front view

Back view
Yes, in movie form those 2.0 body armour design returns, and actually in the movie all of the heroes in the movie are supposed to have 2 2.0 silver chest plates on both the front and back but I only had 1 and I only focused on the parts which had the blue lights, and the most obvious part would be the wide armour piece. I put that on a 2.0 MTIS(Multi Tool Ice Shield) to attach the lightsabers which are in blue since in the movie there were lights in straight lines and the lights on the wide armour piece. And as you can see, to make the MOC look as close as I could to the movie I resulted to using normal Lego system parts, which I don't mind to use in my Hero Factory MOCs. They are used for the elbow and knee armour and the Lego piece used to make the lights on the wide armour piece. Basically I just took 3 light blue and 1 normal blue transparent 1x1 circle tiles and placed them on a 2x2 circle plate and placed it on the wide armour with a yellow lightsaber because I literally ran out off blue lightsaber pieces. Also, I just put the gun there because all of the heroes have them, including Furno himself. :P The silver 4 armour pieces placed on the inner ball joints were to compensate for not having a second chest plate and here are some extra pictures of it, with other weapons Furno utilised NOT in his mech, but he himself in general.

Fire chain(Or actually it was just a normal chain in the movie since it was just something Furno found on the ground), utilised by Furno to defeat Splitter Beast

Flame blade(just something I converted to the normal hero size from Furno's set form weapon)
That's it for now and I hoped you like this MOC!

Written by Lynn


  1. I like it, if only the movie was better. and furno sounded like furnp

    1. I know right? I also thought the movie was terrible. :P No one ever listens to Breez. ||-_-
      Reply by Lynn


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